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In the late 80's a local band was formed that went by the name Sweet Revenge. With Kelly Hurlbut on lead vocals, Brett Sievers playing bass guitar and Steve Woodland playing guitar along with other members a considerable following of local friends and fans started. The name would soon change to Twisted Humor. After playing many shows in the surrounding areas, and changes in the line up, the band went their seperate ways.

The early 90's took Brett to the Twin Cities to join Andy O'Kelley and Troy Berg in the Goth/Alt rock original band St.Cry. After multiple shows played from Minnesota into Iowa, St.Cry would also eventually drift apart.

In the late 90's Brett and Kelly would re-form Twisted Humor. When things didn't work out with the new line up phone calls were made...hmm...

Soon after, the line up was complete...nd what a line up it was!
Kelly-Brett-Andy-Troy and Steve.
With many,many years of history between the two bands, the group was instantly tight and ready to show what they could do. With a good size built-in following they packed the house on the first night out also setting a bar sales record!!!

With Kelly's versatile throat and sly tongue he stays true to the band's moniker while delivering fierce performances throughout the night. Troy's drumming has proven to be nothing short of amazing leaving jaws dropping at every show. With Brett's superb bass work and amazing backing vocals, Brett and Kelly are a perfect match. Last but not least with the smokin' guitar work of Andy and Woody (Steve) ,the band faithfully covers a wide range of 70's,80's,and 90's rock and roll. Since the new line-up has been together the houses have been packed and a huge following has formed. Check them out and see for yourself what TWISTED HUMOR is all about. You won't be disappointed.

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