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The Elektrik Gypsies are recording artists, but they’d love to play live.
That’s where YOU come in.
You, the fans, after hearing the music, will create a demand for a tour that will become a reality!
Most of their songs started as jam sessions and evolved into something more serious,
yet they retain the original fun, grit and spirit of the live interaction
that a tight group of musicians produces.

A family band that ROCKS! The Elektrik Gypsies are Dale, Isaac, and Joshua Clark.
A father and two brothers. Playing since 1999, they play all original rock music in the classic rock style.

Mainly influenced by the music of the late 60's and early 70's, they’ve developed their own unique edgy style.
The brothers are the tight rythym section with Isaac on drums and Joshua on bass.
Dad plays guitar, keyboards, and sings.
They strive to make their songs diverse so they don’t all sound the same, although they all ROCK!
The lyrics are classic as well, songs about love, life, rebellion, and sweaty Rock ‘n Roll!

Recording started in 2003 and the final work is being done in the studio on their debut album for a 2011 release,
published by Elektrik Gypsies Music (ASCAP).
Five tracks have been released on an EP ahead of the album.

Dale also engineered, mixed, and produced the tracks.
Much of the engineering was also inspired by the great bands of the psychedelic era.
When they play, people start to dance.
Have a listen and if your head starts nodding and your toes start tapping,
listen to it again, LOUDER! The way rock is meant to be heard.

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