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Welcome To YCL South Texas Central

Welcome to the official website of the

Of South Texas


           The YCL is a nation wide group for young communists.  It has fraternal ties to the
           Communist Party, USA.  Locally, we are associated with the Corpus Christi
           Communist  Party, and the South Texas Center for Marxist Studies.   Currently, there are
           about ten  members, people from all walks of life, all creeds, colors, sex's, religions,
           ethnicities, and sexual preferences.  We are hopeful, that with our next membership drive,
           that this  number will grow exponentially!

          On the national level, we do anything and everything we can think of, to support
          progressive movements for the betterment of all mankind.  Examples of things we have
          done include demonstrations, assisting Union Members on
          strike, holding school meetings, and orgainizing students and student unions, among
          MANY other things!  We were  even represented at the recent World Trade
          Orgainization Demonstrations in Seattle, and were a major part of coordinating
          parts of that event!  Locally, we are working on a new Television Show, with members of
          the Corpus Christi Communist Party and the South Texas Center for Marxist Studies, as
          well as rousing up the local progressive  youth movement.  These are really exciting times!

         Well, you can contact me, the webmaster, at
         Or, you can contact the national office, at

          Try these links:
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