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Arion Salazar

Name: Arion Gabriel Salazar
Birthday: August 9, 1972

He doesn't have his driver's license.

He is from Oakland, California.

He is the shortest member of Third Eye Blind at 5'10".

His musical idol is Paul McCartney.

He used to be a bassist in this band from the Bay Area called "Fungo Mungo." When people think of music in the Bay Area in the early 90's, Fungo Mungo comes to mind. Their music has been described as funk and they released one CD called "Humungous" in 1992. According to the Fungo Mungo CD, Arion's old nickname is "Thumpy Z" (from the "Humungous" CD booklet) Arion composed and performed the soundtrack to a video game called "Interstate '76." His music got a glowing review from the Gametrack site.

He's the only one in Third Eye Blind not to have attended U.C. Berkeley for college.

He got really sick in London with the flu and had to be hospitalized for three days. Third Eye Blind was unable to make one of their London performances.

Favorite song on the Third Eye Blind cd is "Background." (Transcript of a radio chat) On another site, they say it is "How's it Going to Be."

He plays the bass guitar, sings, and even plays the piano in one song ("Jumper") on the Third Eye Blind CD.

Here's where Arion's name comes from: Arion was a real musician and poet in 7th century Greece. He was so famous that after he died, he was made into a minor God. The famous story about Arion goes like this. Arion was traveling by boat on his way back to Corinth from playing and singing for the King of Sicily. The lowlife sailors heard that he had been given a lot of gold by the King because of his beautiful playing so they plotted to throw him overboard at dawn the next day. The god Apollo heard them, and to protect Arion(Apollo was the patron of music), he came to Arion in a dream and revealed what the sailors were planning. The next morning at dawn when the sailors came for him, Arion begged them to let him play and sing one more time. As he played, the many dolphins who swam along side boats in the Mediterranean came up along the boat where he sat singing. The sailors threw him overboard and the leader of the dolphins rose up under him, carrying Arion on his back. The dolphins carried Arion safely all the way to the shore of his home. The picture I have seen with this story shows a young man riding a dolphin with a lyre (small stringed instrument) in his hand.

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