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All is fine an well with Sheboygans little sweethearts. We just finished recording (again) the tracks for the Bancroft Records release at Topsoil Studios. With hopes THESE will be the ones.
Songs recorded: "All the Way Down The Block", "Do You Want My Love", and "Top Two Buttons"
Hopefully to be out before the end of summer
Go Cubs!

Hello All, we are back from our 6 week stay in Europe, and boy our arms tired.

****Final tally*****

Shows = 31
Broken strings = 9 (8 guitar,1 bass)
Pukes = 18 (collectivly LH = RR)
Police stops = 2
Strip Search = 1
beers = uncountable at this time
concussions = 2 (Aaron)table + pillowcase
Electrocutions = 2 (Paris + Gastexa (drew)

more compiled stats to come......

Thanks to Robert from Kiss N Run, plus a HUGE thanks to Cliff and Marie from Wanda Chrome and the Leather Pharaos for everything.
Stefan "DISCO" for getting us around safely every day.
Ritchie,Kris,Daniel,Franz,the Radio Reelers (if it wansn't for them the tour wouldn't have been the same)
Carson Travel + United for the to and from,that Music store in Berlin,everybody who let us sleep at your house,
Shawn for comic relief,flying Dutchmen,and the MINDS,

Also Thanks to:
J.C. Sparrow,Schaubude,Groovestation,Pirate Cove,das Haus,Sonic Ballroom,Beat Club(the Tanzhalle only for the food),Gleis 22 ,Hanomacke Cafe,Subway to Peter,My Way,Monofaktur,Exilia,Milonga Club,Jack the Ripper,Taun,Salle des Fetes, Gastexa,Eagle Club, Gruta 77,Cotton,Irish Disco,La Casamance, PARIS!, Sées College,L'Alternative Cafe,Le Galopin,The Pit's,dB's,Waterfront,Vera,
all for getting us fed, most of us drunk, and all of us happy to have been there.

And to all you Europers that came out to see us, you are alright in our book and thanks for making us feel welcome, and thanks for spending a little of your lives with us, we hope you are better off now.

Till next time,good bye + stay cool-(translate in own language)

OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brand new Comp out on 1+2 Records (japan
also featuring:Marked Men/Preacher's Kids/Cynics/Riverboat Gamblers/Radio Reelers/and more.


Also I hear the latest issue of BAM! magizine is out now...we haven't got our copies yet but it does exist. Zine comes with C.D. featuring 3 NEW UNRELEASED LEG HOUNDS songs along with The Briefs/Atomsmashers. Interviews + junk, don't worry it's in english for all you non Italian speaking peep'holes out there.

Well it has been a while since this has been updated,
The Canada Tour was great,they let us back over the border (ha,ha), thanks to everybody who helped out: Ysael,Pat,Jeff Serge,David,Mark+the CIUT staff,the Merrils,Tony,Ken,Eric and everybody who came out to have a good time with us. Our French has improved but only enough to make comands to tell people to take shits. Thanks again, we'll see ya'll again soon.

Also we have started recording for our next album, brand new songs!! , more details here when they become available.

and as always , Stay Tuned and Turned on:}

We have Brand NEW T-SHIRTS pic comming


Latest instalment on ALIEN SNATCH! RECORDS, 11 rockin' and rollin' good time jams by these Wisconsiners again captured with the rasp and edge on vinyal.
Songs Included: Ready To Go/Drowning In Whiskey/Get In The Backseat/One Dollar Love/Runaround Baby/Tight Pants/Rocker-Bye Baby/Wasted Years/Radio Beat/Graduation Day/Wristbreaker


The latest installment of the Leg Hounds rock saga continues on with the latest e.p.
w/"Don't Break My Heart On Christmas" + "Happy Holidays".
Both are original christmas songs available NOW just in time for the holidays.

Finished Recording for the next issue of BAM! comp(italy), 4 unreleased songs
also featuring:Briefs and Atomsmashers.
The issue will be the first in english.
Release date t.b.a.

Also to be released a new 2 song Christmas E.P.
featuring: "Don't Break My Heart On Christmas"/"Happy Holidays". Proposed release date Dec 20th.
Could be sooner.

News is the Upcomming Leg Hounds single "All The Way Down The Block" should be out in Feb. on
check their site for pre-release order info.

Finished recording songs for the upcomming Bancroft Records release(7")and Devil Dogs comp (headip rec.)

New Shows added
The band the Exploding Hearts just lost 3 members in a van accicent on the way home from a show.
The Leg Hounds want to send condolences to their fammilies and friends.
In this age of bad music filling the airwaves, it's sad to see a good Rock N Roll band go down.

The Leg Hounds

Back from tour
We had a blast. 2 1/2 weeks of Rock,rain,hot,sweat,smoke,traffic, and good times.
Thanks to everybody who helped out Todd K,Darius,Madame M,Christeen,Kopper,Freddy JR.,J. Todd + Jessie,Val Lovely,Brooke,Patrick,Paul Bearer,Dale + Steph Merril,Broadview Transmission (kind of),Talleyho-tel, Angelo + Rich (we owe you one),Joe Belock + WFMU,Christine + Joe,Kasey,Tom Hyland, Andy G + Candy,Eric Law, Paul + Vicki, all the bands we played with and to all who came out to check us out.

Hope to see ya all again soon


when I get motivated/or able to type faster (witchever comes first) I'll post the tour story.


"READY To GO", the 3rd studio album for the The Leg Hounds
Released TODAY!!!!!!!
22 tracks-stereo/mono.
pick it up in a town near you :TOUR

Come on out and see the LEGHOUNDS on:TOUR now you know where the good time is going to be happening.

We just got our copies of the LEG HOUNDS S/T album on Demolition Derby(mono version).
Available at fine mailorder companies and avaliable from us. ORDER
Just like the Screaming Apple release, Limited quanity available.

We just got copies of "...DATE YOUR DAUGHTERS" on vinyl(Srceaming Apple/Germany) fresh off the ship and ready to spin. drop the needle on one.
Limited quanity available.

this weekend 3/21-3/22:
the Screaming Apple release/Amanda Birthday party weekend bash in Detroit @ Jumbo's and Port Huron @ the Roche w/Death + Taxes/Smakmadam!

Just mixed our 3rd full length "Ready To Go"!!
to be released on Bulge records(release date pending), we'll have MP3s up in a little bit so hold on to yourself.

Also...The Release of "...Date Your Daughters" on Screaming Apple was just relased in Germany should be at the doorsteps of the U.S. of A any day now.
Ordering Info :

We got our van back!!!
So now the Leg Hounds-Rock N Roll Delivery Service(TM)is back to Rocking AND Rolling. Next stop, the Zoo 1/25/03.
Also a tour is in the works for March, some dates w/Red Planet, details soon.

Merry/Happy (insert applicable holliday)to you.
And remember a late gift is better than no gift.
Be sure to look at the "Merchandise" section on this site for gift ideas for all of your loved ones/people you wish to impress/people you want to make out with.

In other news....
Our van ,the "Rock Box"/"V7"/"oil muncher", has taken a turn for the worse. She locked up on the way to our last show. (apparently a lack of oil had caused the engine to cease running,(I don't know, I wasn't in the van when it happened)
BUT fear not young/old listeners of rock!!! We shall overcome this axis of evil that has plagued our Rock transporter.....keep on the lookout for the Leg Hounds in a town near you,and we might just be using your equpiment.
Stay tuned,Stay warm,and keep cool

Come on down/up to the "Something to Do" show in Shawano WI on Saturday the 14th. Good times, X-Mas cheer, bring an unwraped toy for donation and feel good about yourself and enjoy the show.
be prepared for christmas medley (or something simmilar to)

also there have been a few reports of shows we are "playing" but are not confirmed by us. Keep an eye on the shows page for show updates. We'll set you straight.

The cover of the Screaming Apple release got finished witch means the closer it is to being out. Release date pending yet.

Also, we'll be going in the studio in a couple of weeks to finish the mixing for "Ready To Go"(3rd studio album) released by Bulge Records.
Check out "shows", so you can say "now I have something to do." *new listings*

Happy Halloween!!!!
We just want to thank everybody that helped us on our jaunt across the eastern U.S.: Arman,Craig,Dale+Steph(hope you had a good birthday)Lucas,Nolan Merril,Smakmadam,Mistreaters,Angelo+Joel,Anna+ Matt,Bobby Nomore,G,Resin,Eric Law,Sugabomb,Chad+Carrie,Daria,Todd K,Norb.
also thanks to everyone we met and hung out with, and to everybody who came out to see us, hope you had a good time. We'll see ya all again soon. xoxo

In the immortal words of David Lee Roth..HOPE YOU MISSED US WE'RE BACK!!!!!!
Tour was a blast, I'll update highlights soon...

Don't forget the ALL AGES C.D. RELEASE/GOING AWAY PARTY on October 19th at the Eagles Club 1035 Vanderbaak Green Bay WI. (Drink w/I.D.)$5 7:00
win stuff, get stuff,get rocked, get loaded, all in one place one night.
w/death+taxes,motorcycle prom dates,rumors,paul + the tabman 7

Also Check out the updated tour calender.
*dates are still comming in*

Dates are comming for the "Leg your daughters" tour witch will run from October 21 to Nov 2
A full tour calender will be up soon.
Email/Booking :
for show inquarys/booking

PLUS the All Ages C.d. release party is....
SATURDAY OCTOBER 19th @ the Eagles Club in Green Bay WI.
bands tba

The second studio album "...Date Your Daughters" Is out now!!!
23 tracks/stereo+mono mixes
available at all fine retailers/mailorder or order from us at

The 21+ C.D. release party is Oct. 12th @ the Zoo in Sheboygan WI.
the All Ages is T.B.A

The TUNES page has just been added with NEW MP3's!!!
Check out some songs from the up comming album " your daughters"(due out September 2002)

Also pictures from the shows in Michigan will be up soon.
I'll have more news when I think of it, or it happens, one of the two.

We are back from the "Sticky quicky" tour 2002
We had a blast....
Seeing the flaming smoke stacks in Canada.
Taking a bath in Lake Huron.
Getting Coney Island hot dogs on Harper in Detroit.
Taking the Senic Detroit Tour.
Playing the Old Miami.
Getting a flat tire in ? MI.
Sling Shots
and much much more.
We thank everybody for comming out to see us and all the people we met over the weekend.
We had a good time with ya'll.
Thanks Todd K. for your help
And a big Thank You to Dale and Steph Merrill, for helping us out. You guys are great.
Hopefully see you all again in September/October.

We played our last Punk Mahal show last week Friday
thanks to all who attended.
We will miss that place very much.
So who's basement is next?

new T shirt design "kiss me I'm cool" is available NOW

The Leg Hounds Sticky Quicky tour is confirmed:
8/9 Port Huron MI.
8/10 Old Miami Detroit MI.
8/11 Beat Kitchen Chicago Ill.

Plus the cover is getting set for the Leg Hounds second release " your daughters" so in a few weeks it should be out. Release date pending.

........So that's all 'till then

Friday July 12th the Leg Hounds will be on the BUZZ 106.5 at 7:00 SHARP so listen.
flood their phone lines with glowing praises.
less Creed ..More Leg Hounds

The Leg Hounds had a good show at the final round of the battle of the bands. We had the whole place a clappin'. The Leg Hounds know no age demographic.

Also a new Leg Hounds uniform is on the out.. details comming. New album... New Uniform. oops I've said too much.
and thats it........for now.

The Leg Hounds won the "Buzz Battle of the Bands" first round. The finals are June 23rd at the Sheboygan Lakefront. time t.b.a.

The June 22nd show @ the Grand Hotel Ballroom will be featuring more bands an addition to the Leg Hounds and Yesterday's Kids as soon as they are confirmed so keep an eye on "shows". Also the all ages show time will run untill 10:00 p.m.

And ....the Summer tour will probibly be Aug 9th- Aug 18th. A list of confirmed dates will be available soon.
And....there you go.

A Summer Tour is in the works for August. Some dates confirmed but we are still looking for bookings. Aug 3rd-11th
Email/Booking :

we are going out east and back. And Stuff

....but untill then there are 2 shows (1 All Ages/1 21+) in Sheboygan thats right Sheboygan on June 22nd w/ Yesterday's Kids Grand Hotel Ballroom 723 Center Ave. Sheboygan WI. 6:00
It'll be a gas (and as the Sheboygan-ites would say) and so!!

Just agreed to be on "the Shit Hits the Bands" Replacements comp.

Also We will be playing the Buzz Battle of the Bands @ Club 101 in Plymouth WI on June 7th so remember to bring your rythmic clapping hands and a big bag of "wooo's", "Yeah's","Oooo's"

In parking news...I recieved a ticket from the City of Chicago for "parking in a bus stop" in front of the Fireside over a year ago. The cop told me it was a bus stop and to move (witch I did) and never gave me a ticket. Untill now. 1 YEAR LATER!!! Fargin' Jaggoffs.

AND...there you go.

Eric has moved from "Up In The Dump" recently to saturate a new venue for his uncontrollable need to dirty things with much frequency. So long, garbage day will never be the same.
Drew broke his mike and E.Q. petal in one afternoon and still does not own his own(working)Amp.(send money)
Shawn still gives Drew cigarettes.

NEW PICTURES!!!NEW PICTURES!!! check 'um out they are from the C.D. release show

comming to a phone near you


The first Leg Hounds full length is out NOW on Bulge records.!!!

11 songs mixed stereo+mono ..."Rock Tonite", "Get On You", "Backdoor Romeo", "Too Late For Love", to name a few, 22 tracks that will keep your speakers busy for days.

ALSO, the 7" "XOXO" is OUT NOW

off the ship and onto your turntables.with songs.. "Prisoner Of Love", "Comon' Already" and "Leave 'Um In Love". Ltd 500 hand numbered copies on Alien Snatch!Records(Germany) they(7"s)are being distributed by Get Hip

OR.. email us at: and we'll give you the skinny on how to get both from us.

In other News...

The Leg Hounds will be in the Appleton Post-Crescent Thursday March 28th. interview, pictures, check it out.

the Sheboygan Radio Station the Buzz 106.5 f.m. has both releases S/T c.d. and "xoxo" 7", CALL THEM AND TELL THEM TO PLAY THEM!!! (920)451-2300

If you have any pictures of us please send them to: thank you


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