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"Hey hey, my my, Rock N' Roll will never die."
-Neil Young

Welcome to The Daze's Website. The Daze is a 4 man band hailing from Langhorne, Pa. Our music can best be described as having a Blues-Rock theme, laced with the mysterious soundscapes of psychedelia (in other words Cream, The Doors, and Hendrix in a blender). Below are some links to pictures of the band, a schedule of future shows, and a link to full-length audio samples of some of our songs in Real Audio format. If you don't have the Real Player, click the link below to download it for free.

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Show Schedule

Band Pics

Click Here for Audio Samples


Click Here to download the RealPlayer for free.

We have just finished recording a new CD,
The Outside Inn

Our New CD entitled The Outside Inn

If you'd like a copy please send an e-mail
The cost is $10 (believe it or not that will just about cover the cost of production & shipping)

Show Schedule:

Wed. October 4th, 2000
The Pontiac Bar & Grill
South Street, Philadelphia
must be 21

Friday, Nov. 3rd
Beaver College
The Chat (below the main cafeteria)
10pm to 10:30pm

Sunday, Nov. 5th
John & Peter's Bar
on Main Street in Newhope, Pa
9:00pm to 12:30am

Wed November 15th
John's Bar & Grill
Philmont & Bustleton
N.E. Philadelphia, Pa
(Wed. night is "Loud & Local" night, hosted by 94.1 WYSP's Cousin Ed)

Saturday Dec. 9th
John & Peter's Bar
on Main Street in Newhope, Pa
3:00pm to 6:30pm

Wed. December 27th
John & Peter's Bar
on Main Street in New Hope, Pa
also playing that night is
show starts at 9:00pm

Tuesday January 2nd. 2001
The Grape Street Pub
105 Grape Street
Manayunk, Philadelphia, Pa
There will be a $3 cover charge at the door

Sat. Feb. 3rd, 2001
John and Peter's Bar
Main St. in New Hope, Pa.
3:00pm to 6:30pm

Band Pics: Daze stairs pic Color_me_Band The Daze playing Steve playing behind his head Steve, The Cuban, and Lostracco psychedelic Ry cuban and ryan The CD Cover
Click on the picture to see a larger image.
Sorry for the lack of pics. Unfortunately I've either misplaced or given away the ones from the old site. Being that this site is still fairly new, we are still in the process of digging up all the pictures from other past shows and events that we can get our hands on. You can probably see from the ones recently posted that we are working on it; it's just tough to find the time (and the people who have our older pictures).


Questions, comments, suggestions? Please feel free to send us an e-mail at the address below.