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WARNING: This site contains music that you might actually enjoy.
As a result, you might experience an uncontrollable bopping of the head
accompanied by a rhythmic tapping of the foot. You might decide to make monkey sounds
and scratch yourself in weird monkey places. Additionally, you might find little monkeys in those weird monkey
places. ** PLEASE NOTE: THESE LITTLE MONKEYS MIGHT BE DANGEROUS as they have sharp monkey
teeth and killer monkey claws (although these are mainly used for defense against their monkey adversaries, it's possible
that these "little monkeys" will mistake you for an enemy and "accidentally" stab you in the head). IMPORTANT: Do not
taunt the monkeys. However, if you do decide not to heed this warning and go ahead and taunt the monkeys anyway,
we will call you a "Monkey-Taunter" and laugh as you sustain hundreds of monkey injuries.

In Conclusion, The Daze assumes no responsibility for any of the above and strongly advises its fans and/or listeners
to stay away from monkeys altogether. REMEMBER this site is intended to inform the public that there is, in fact, a variety
of music out there. What you do with this information is totally up to you.