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The Clarks

The Hottest Band in Pittsburgh


Every so often, a band comes along to which a person can really relate, a group of guys who crank out great tunes, perform with life and fire, and yet never lose that humanity that allows them connect with their audience. The Clarks are one such band, a group of professional musicians with the same humble approach to life as any other person that might be there at the bar. They achieve the coveted ability to both write songs with the grit and poetic justice of life yet can simultaneously rock the house and have a crowd of hundreds to thousands singing right along with them. While attending Surge Festival at Coca-Cola Starlake Amphitheater, the truth of how powerful of a band these boys are hits home as the crowd covering a hillside dances in the rain and sings along to the Clarks original tunes, every lyric to "Cigarette" or "Penny on the Floor" memorized verse for verse.

Have the Clarks arrived? They may not be dominating the national airways, but they are most definitely here news to make the bravest rock enthusiasist pumped with the thrill of the moment.

While a favorite staple in the Three Rivers area, the Clarks currently tour the club circuit from New Hampshire to Virginia to Illinois. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, and catch a Clarks show. One thing is definitely certain about these boys--THEY ARE FUN. Join them for an evening you won't regret. Come see just why the folks in Pittsburgh believe these young men can walk on water.


Sample Tunes

Here are some sample tunes from the Clarks library of original songs. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what you can expect. If your appetite is wetted by what you hear in this sniglets, bounce over to the Clarks Online where you can order Clarks CDs and Cassettes.


Let It Go

Snowman (MP3)
I'm A Fool (MP3)
Better Off Without You (MP3)
Born Too Late (MP3)
Let It Go (MP3)
Chasin' Girls (MP3)
Flame (MP3)
Butterflies and Airplanes (MP3)
Think of England (MP3)
Highwire (MP3)
The Letter (MP3)
If Memory Serves (MP3)


Mercury (MP3)
Brand New (MP3)
Over Me (MP3)
Now and Then (MP3)
Penny on the Floor (MP3)
Cigarette (MP3)
Last Call (MP3)


Scott Blasey "Shine"

Does Your Harbor Light Still Shine? (MP3)
Born Too Late (MP3)
Cry (MP3)
Little Sanctuary (MP3)
Brand New (MP3)




Someday Maybe

Stop! (MP3)
Courtney (MP3)
Mercury (MP3)
Caroline (MP3)
Everything Has Changed (MP3)
Hollywood (MP3)


Love Gone Sour, Suspicion,
and Bad Debt

Treehouse (MP3)
Cigarette (MP3)
Promised Land (MP3)
Now and Then (MP3)
Sun Don't Shine (MP3)


the Clarks

If I Fall Through (MP3)
Thought It Was Free (MP3)
She Revolves (MP3)
What A Way To Go (MP3)
Daylights (MP3)
Dear Prudence (MP3)


I'll Tell You What Man

Hesitating (MP3)
Perfection Note Required (MP3)
In The End (MP3)
Let Me Die (MP3)
Pretty As You Please (MP3)

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