Hidden In Plain View is a 5-piece punk rock band from New Jersey. You can catch them live all over the place this summer playing in support of their new full length CD "Find". Check out our Tourdates section or just scroll down for show listings. I recently sent their singer/guitarist Rob a set of interview questions to find out a little bit more about the band. Here's what Rob had to say:

Who plays what in Hidden In Plain View?

Where does Hidden In Plain View originally hail from?
-We are all kinda scattered throughout northern NJ....We all live about 30-45 minutes away from Morristown, NJ, all in different directions.......That's kinda our central point where we meet up for practice and stuff.

How did you guys start?
-Joe and I used to front a punk-ska band from NJ and when the band broke up we kinda never left each other, always playing acoustic guitars or whatever trying to start up a straight up punk/rock band......At the time, I was playing drums in another NJ band and I met Derek at shows and talked about wanting to start a new project....2 months later he got involved w/ Kenny and Chris writing songs and looking for a singer/guitar player.....Derek gave me a call and I came down the next day and from the first chords I fell in love w/ both our sound and the guys in the band.....Naturally, the next day I brought down Joe and he experienced basically the same thing as me and fell in love.....Everything clicked so well, and soo fast, we practiced like 20 times that first month, not only to get better but because we loved it soo much...

What other bands have you been in?
-Me and Joe were in a Band called "8 Over Par"....after we broke up I played drums and toured w/ "Face First" for a little over a year..........Chris used to be in the band "The Derringers"........and HIPV is basically Kenny and Derek's first band that has played out.....They were our virgins but we broke them in nice and slowly....hehe

What was your favorite show to play so far?
-Favorites are hard to pick......Our shows at home are always fun, and our shows in Allentown,PA are always great, but if I had to pick one it would be us w/ Catch 22, and West Beverly at Hartford College, CT

Most memorable experience as a band?
-Another hard one.....so many......We took 2nd place at this huge Allentown Festival of the Arts.........a lot of amazing bands played. We were soo surprised to place.......It was soo memorable because we got to play one of those Huge outdoor stages in the Final Round ....like one of those stages that Bon Jovi plays on.......hehe. BBMak, Vitamin C and Dream played on it the day before......it was really cool.....I would be playing and then looking across the stage there would be Kenny like 100 ft away

What are some of the coolest bands you have played with?
-Soo many.....The Starting Line, Stillwelle, Midtown, River City High, Dashboard Confessional, Catch 22, PunchLine, The Movie Life, Junction 18, Little League, The June Spirit

What words do you think best describe your sound?
-A Rock band w/ mad punk influences

Who are your main inspirations?
-Lifetime, Strung Out, The Get Up Kids

Where did you record your debut CD "Find"?
-Portrait Studios in Lincoln Park, NJ......same place Midtown's "The Sacrafice of Life" was recorded......and The Startling Lines Debut EP on Drive Thru Records was recorded.......

Do you have any other releases such as 7-inches or tapes?
-Nope....."Find" is our Debut......We had a demo, but never sold any. It was more just for friends and ourselves

Ok, now it's time for stupid trivia:
Favorite colors?


First show you remember going to?
-The 2nd Warped Tour, I think it was '98

Favorite bands?
-The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, Dash Board, Ataris, Starting Line, to name a few

First record?
-Stone Temple Pilots.."Core"

First time you heard punk?
-I'm thinking Green Day........

Any phobias? (it's all snakes for me)
-Snakes are scary.......but, no i dont think so

Any random info you want your potential fans to know about you?
-I hate strawberries......

Grab your own copy of HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW'S debut CD "Find" by going to their website at www.hiddeninplainview.com, or by going to Interpunk.com where you can use your parents' credit card to order it....

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