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Freeware Definition

free`ware` adj.

There seems to be a growing misunderstanding as to what this terms means. Please let me explain my concept of freeware:

  (1). that you, the user, may do anything to the program and/or code you wish. That would include changing the code to suit your needs, using the code or parts of it in your own programs, using the code as a learning tool (in my case how not to code)...I think you get the idea.

  (2). as the author of a VB program I am, and is any author, completely within my rights to sell or set any conditions I wish regarding the use of my program. However, since I am giving this program and code free of charge to anyone who wishes to use it and I have downloaded other programs and have used parts of the code in my programs for free then I feel that anyone who does use it should not sell it for any reason - freely given, freely give.

  (3). all of the programs on my site are fully functional. There isn't a "time" limit, "certain number of times you can use it" limits or anything of this nature. Please be aware that if you receive any kind of message it MAY be a bug OR it may be something on your system. But I AM NOT trying to make you pay me for the program. I have received enough emails from people who thought that not having the runtime files installed was my way of crippling the program.

  (4). it seems that more and more websites announce that the programs they are offer are free but when you arrive at the download page, they then announce you may have to pay the author. This to me is a deception. There's a huge difference between downloading a program for free and using a program for free. I feel that this distinction should be made perfectly clear on the front page of the web site. In this age where, for example, all of the automobile ads on TV tell you what a great deal you could get until you read the "fine print" at the bottom of the screen. And to do that you need to tape the ad because the print is too small and you don't have enough time to read it. Why?

In any case, if I decide that my programs are good enough to sell, then it will be made clear in big, bold letters on the front page.

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