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Protest Salvation Army's Discrimination Against Gays With Queer Dollars.

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Subject: GET INVOLVED!! Here's is something pro-active that we can do to combat the religious right's WAR against homosexuals.

When the Salvation Army announced that their Western division was going to grant domestic partner's benefits, we all thought that they had softened their much publicized stance against gays which was brought to the international spotlight when the media exposed a behind closed doors aggreement between the Salvation Army and the Bush Administration. Did they soften their stance? No. They rescinded their offer, and declared once again that same sex relationships would not receive benefits regardless of local and state law.

IN fact, they have suggested that cities that have non-discrimination laws will be excluded from receiving benefits from the Salvation Army. So typically "Christian" of them.

I was ranting and raving and threatening to mug the Santas and shove their little bells... and I asked if anyone had a suggestion about what we could DO about this. And Dano came up with a BRILLIANT IDEA which I want to turn into a national campaign ASAP.


Dano suggested we stuff the little red kettles with fake money - he suggested some things we could write on the money. Just fold it up so it looks like a real dollar bill, and you remain anonymous, the santa isn't confronted and embarrased over a policy that he has nothing to do with, and if enough people participate, the Salvation Army will have to rethink it's own policies. You can even continue to give REAL money along with the fake if you wish. It's a beautiful, simple and brilliant idea and Dano is a genius!

Following Dano's guidelines, Drew Greyfox came up with a prototype which was alterer to it's present appearance after charges of counterfeiting were brought by anti-gay organizations. REMEMBER - any one-sided fake dollar is NOT illegal. These can be downloaded, resized, and printed out. It can be customized if you want to play around with it in photoshop.
These images may take a minute to load. To save, copy, and print queer dollars, just right click and choose "save picture as". You can then attach it to e-mail a friend or print out as many as you need daily to donate to the Salvation Army.

Please feel free to alter or customize queer dollars any way you wish.

Queer Dollar

Canadian Queer Dollar

Harvey Milk "Homocash"

Send an e-mail - form letter

Use the form letter and send this information to everyone you know on line and in real life, all GLBT organizations, all gay media sources, and all gay friendly organizations and individuals, family members, etc. Ask them to print out queer dollars and donate generously every time they see a Santa ringing a bell this Christmas for the Salvation Army.

We have until Christmas to make a LOUD STATEMENT nationwide.

Thank you so much Dano for the idea and thank you Drew for the artwork.