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Form Letter for Salvation Army Protest

Here is a form letter you can copy and paste. Please send to as many people as possible and ask them to forward.

Some suggestions. Send to:
gay and gay friendly friends
supportive family members
GLBT organizations such as PFLAG
GLBT centers
GLBT groups
News media web sites
Any local city, state, GLBT churches, bars, social groups.
gay straight alliances
post on message boards
Send to your local gay newspaper

To copy simply highlight the letter and click ctrl and the letter "c". To Paste click ctrl and "v". Here us the form letter.


Please join our national campaign to combat the Salvation Army's declaration of war against GLBT people.

We hope to stuff the Salvation Army's red kettles with fake "queer dollars" this Christmas. "Queer Dollars" have a message on them that says, "When the Salvation Army ends its policy of religious bigotry and discrimination against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender people, then , and only then will this be a real dollar bill."

We ask everyone to forward this to everyone they know, post it on line, distribute it to all media outlets, all GLBT organizations, all Gay friendly organizations and individuals. We have until Christmas to make a huge impact on this organization nationwide.

Anyone with access to a computer can print out as many copies of Queer Dollars as they need and literally stuff the Salvation Army's red kettles everytime they encounter a bell ringin Santa.

If Queer Dollars are folded up they look like regular dollars. This enables everyone to do something pro-active yet remain totally anonymous. You can participate in this protest yet still contribute to the Salvation Army if you so choose, and the volunteer Santa is not confronted for a policy over which they have no control.

We hope the Salvation Army is literally flooded with these dollars. When they start getting thousands of these a day, it will certainly call their attention to the problem of unfair discrimination against gays by the Salvation Army. Please forward, post, and distribute this information. To view the dollar artwork, please Click here:
or copy paste the URL.

Thank you for your time