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Simply Hanson.

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Hello everyone and welcome

to Simply Hanson.

Please feel free to use

any graphics, sounds, or

info. about Hanson for your

own use! That's what they are

there for! Also, please send

in any comments or questions

about my page, or concerning

Hanson! Have fun, look around

and have an MMMBoppin' day!

As you all know Hanson is back and they are rocking more than ever! They have appeared on MTV countless times, even performing live! They have made two music videos (This Time Around & If Only. Now they are back with new hair and a new style...

Guys if you have watched TRL lately, Hanson is NOT in the top 10! At first they were at 5 & 9, now they are nothing! If we want to show MTV and everyone else that there are still Hanson fans and that we still support Hanson, we NEED to vote for Hanson on TRL! If you are at school when TRL airs, please vote before school, and you can vote as many times as you want! Every vote counts and if we all Vote let's say 10 times a day, Hanson is sure to be on the countdown!

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