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Anaheim Rock Chic

Gwen Stefani is a self proclaimed "dork".
(Aren't we all "dorks" in disguise?)
She really is a role model for all females who want to be something special.
Her lyrics are "girly" and her voice matches her sentiments.
She has all of the feelings that girls have and she isn't afraid to express herself...that's admirable!
Take note...revel in who you are!

It bothers me that Gwen doesn't get enough credit from the music industry for her lyrics and her unique singing voice.
I know, I know...the guys in No Doubt are in Gwen's shadow as far as the media is concerned, but I'm talking about respect, not just attention.
I have heard many times from my so called "musically literate" friends that Gwen is not a real artist because she doesn't play an instrument.


An artist creates. Right? Gwen writes all of No Doubt's lyrics (since Eric left) and had lots of arrangement input with ROS, her creative energy is obvious.
OK, I know I'm "preaching to the choir"...I'll give it a rest.

Anyway, Gwen gets musician points for:

1. Looking really GREAT holding a guitar...

2. Looking really COOL hanging out with the world's most enigmatic female guitar player...

3. AND Having a really cool, guitar playing "Guy-Friend"

She has plenty of talent without playing guitar and I heard that she can play the there!

I bet Gavin appreciates Gwen's writing fact, he seems like a pretty big influence on her. Emotionally, anyway.
I can relate.
I find it easier (and less forced) to write about my sweet, adoring husband. Even when he upsets me or makes me angry.

Love brings out the best, and the worst in us.

OK, so I'm being silly by assigning "Musician Points" to Gwen, but I think that her detractors are being silly if all they have to be down on her about is her lack of instrument playing ability.

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