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The day we made this sucky page:
1999-11-11 05:46

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days til something cool.
Start being flamers like us now!
Erik's Bomb Diggity Club
You can only guess..........
Dave's Recording Studio
Create lame music, no fans, and loud, unwanted screeching noises.
Nick's School
Learn absolutely nothing with your teacher, Nicholai (AKA Pimp Daddy).
The Board from Hell
Our Complaint Board
The Fugi Forum
Vote for your favorite thingy-ma-doozy that we have for you to pick.
This week: The Rock and Rap Debate
The Pic Palace
Our pics, your pics, and everyone else pics!!! It's fun for the whole family!!!
History Class
Did you ever wonder how this gay ass band got together? If you're bored enough, click here.
The Banner Place
The Loser Room
Poetry and song lyrics

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