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Cherry Pie
This disc was released in June,1990 under the Columbia Records label (catalog #656258 0). These songs are taken from the album entitled "Cherry Pie". The single went to #10 in the charts. And the album reached #7 with over 2.5 million in sales.
This disc was sold commercially, but limited, and maintains a medium level of rarity. The asking price is usually between fifteen to twenty five dollars. Depending upon album wear and availability.
The songs found on this disc are:
Side One
Cherry Pie
Side Two
Thin Disguise
Jani Lane (vocals)
Erik Turner (guitar)
Joey Allen (guitar)
Steven Sweet (drums)
Jerry Dixon (bass)
Founded,1984 in Los Angeles,California by guitartst Erik Turner(born March 31,1964 in Omaha, Nebraska). Bassist Jerry Dixon(born September 15,1967 in Pasadena,California) was recruited in September of the same year. Exactly two years later, Steven Sweet and Jani Lane joined the group. At this point, Warrant began to play locally.
In March of 1987, Joey Allen(born June 23,1964 in Ft.Wayne,Indiana) joined the lineup. The group was then approached by A&M Records in January of 1988, and asked to record a song for the upcomming "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" movie soundtrack. The song "Game of War" was recorded, but was later removed from the movie soundtrack, after the group signed a recording deal with Columbia Records in April. In February of 1989, Warrant released their debut album entitled "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich". This release reached Gold status within 6 months.
The group toured the following summer with Queensryche, Cinderella, Poison, and Paul Stanley. Upon their return, they found that their debut album had gone Platinum, and would eventually reach double Platinum. Warrant then returned to the studio in February of 1990, to begin work on their next album. Within 6 months, Columbia Records released "Cherry Pie". To promote the album, Warrant went on the road with the group "Poison". But, the tour is cancelled in January of 1991, after a fight between the two groups. Undaunted, the group agrees to a European tour. But in February, Jani Lane is injured in a stage accident.
In August of 1992, the band saw their third album, "Dog Eat Dog", released. Warrant began a promotional tour immediately afterwards, but in February of 93', Jani Lane quits the group to pursue a solo career. Within a year after Lane's departure, Joey Allen also quits, and Steven Sweet is fired. This brought about the recruitment of James Kotiak(born 26,1962), guitarist Rick Steier(born October 8,1960) and David White. Warrant went on to sign a recording deal with CMC Records after being dropped by Columbia Records in March of 1993.
Exactly two years later, Warrant released their forth "lp" entitled "Ultraphobic". The group would spend the next year or two, touring the U.S., Europe and Japan. They would eventually release their fifth and final album "Belly to Belly" in October of 1996.
In April of 1998, CMC International Records, drops Warrant. As a result, the group signs with Cleopatra Records, and is rumoured to be working on a new album in the early part of 1999.
1989... Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich ...CBS Records
1990... Cherry Pie ...CBS Records
1992... Dog Eat Dog ...Sony Records
1995... Ultraphobic ...CMC International
1996... The Best of Warrant ...Sony Records
1996... Belly to Belly ...CMC/BMG Records
None Available
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