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Van Halen
Why Can't This Be Love
This disc was released in March,1986 under the Warner Brothers Records label (catalog # W 8740P).
These songs are taken from the album entitled "5150", and is one of two 7" shaped picture discs released by Van Halen. The other shaped disc contains the songs "Dreams" and "Inside".
This disc(Why Can't This Be Love), was sold commercially, but limited, and maintains a medium level of rarity. The asking price is usually between Twenty and Thirty dollars. Depending upon album wear and availability.
The songs found on this disc are:
Side One
Why Can't This Be Love
Side Two
Get Up
Sammy Hagar (vocals)
Eddie Van Halen (lead,rhythm,guitars)
Alex Van Halen (drums)
Michael Anthony (bass)
Formed in Pasadena,California in 1974 by guitarist Eddie Van Halen(born January 26,1957 in Nijmegen,Netherlands), and brother, drummer Alex(born May 8,1955 in Nijmegen,Neth.). After recruiting bassist Michael Anthony(born June 20,1955 in Chicago,Illinois), and vocalist David Lee Roth(born October 10,1955 in Bloomington,Illinois), they began to play in the Los Angeles area under the name of Mammoth. They changed the name to Van Halen in late 1974.
In 1977, after hearing the group perform one evening, Gene Simmons of "Kiss", arranged for the group, to record a demo tape for Warner Brothers Records. After signing a recording contract with "W.B.", Van Halen released their first album. It appeared in April of 1977, and with songs like "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love", "Runnin' With the Devil", and "You Really Got Me"(originally penned by the Kinks), the album went platinum within 6 months. Their next album, "Van Halen II", was released the following year.
Subsequent albums would see reissues of songs made popular by Roy Orbison(Pretty Woman) and Michael Jackson(Beat It). In 1984, the band released the album with the coincidental title of "1984". This was, by far, their hottest selling vinyl, eventually placing #2 on the charts. This was accomplished in part, by the #1 single "Jump". Then, in June of 1985, Van Halen fans would be shocked to hear that David Lee Roth would leave the group, to pursue a solo career. Roth was eventually replaced by long time rock guitarist Sammy Hagar(born October 13,1947 in Monterey, California). Hagar, first appeared on the album "5150", which was released in April of 1986. The album went to #1 in the charts. This was primarily due to the smash singles "Why Can't This be Love" and "Dreams".
Following four more releases in 88', 91', 93', and 95', the friction between Hagar and Van Halen, was nearing a climax. In 1996, Van Halen brought in former member David Lee Roth to record two songs for the upcoming "best of" album. Hagar, hearing the news, promptly left the group. After the album's release, Roth was fired, and replaced by former "Extreme" vocalist Gary Cherone.
April,1978... Van Halen ...WB(K 56470),WB(3075)
April,1979... Van Halen II ...WB(K 56616),WB(3312)
April,1980... Women and Children First ...WB(K 56793),WB(3415)
May,1981... Fair Warning ...WB(K 56899),WB(3540)
May,1982... Diver Down ...WB(K 57003),WB(3677)
Jan,1984... "1984" ...WB(923985-1),WB(23985)
April,1986... "5150" ...WB(W 5150),WB(25394)
June,1988... "OU812" ...WB(WX 177),WB(25732)
July,1991... For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge ...WB(WX 420),WB(26594)
Feb,1993... V.H. Live: Right Here,Right Now ...WB(no vinyl)
Jan,1995... Balance ...WB(9362 45760-1)
Oct,1996... The Best Of:Vol.1 ...WB(no vinyl)
WB = Warner Brothers Records
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Song: Right Now
File: Midi
Size: 48.9k
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