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Rhythm of Love
These tracks were taken from the album entitled "Crazy World". The album was released in 1990, and this particular picture disc E.P. was released in 1991 by Vertigo Records(VERXP 60). The live versions of "Tease Me Please Me" and "Lust or Love" were recorded at Wembley Arena on Jan.13,1991 for the BBC Radio 1's Friday Rock Show.
The picture disc, was sold commercially but limited. It was pressed in the U.K., and has a moderate level of availability. The asking price is usually between eighteen and twenty three dollars. Depending upon album wear and if still sealed.
The songs found on this disc are:
Side One
Send Me an Angel
Wind of Change
Side Two
Tease Me Please Me(Live)
Lust or Love(Live)
Klaus Meine (lead vocals)
Mathias Jabs (lead guitars)
Rudolph Schenker (rhythm guitars)
Jurgen Rosenthal (drums)
Francis Buchholz (bass)
Formed in 1969 in Hanover, Germany by guitarist Rudolph "Rudy" Schenker(born Aug.31,1952 in Hildesheim, Germany) and included guitarist Karl Heinz Follmer, bassist Lorthar Heimberg, and drummer Wolfgang Dziony. In 1971, both guitarist Michael Schenker(born Jan.10,1955 in Savstedt, Germany) and vocalist Klaus Meine(born May25,1952) were recruited, replacing Follmer.

During 1973, the group released their debut album on Brain Records entitled Lonesome Crow. In addition to being their first LP, it also served as the soundtrack for the movie "Das Kalte Paradies".
Shortly after their first release, Michael Schenker left the group, and went to work for the German rock group UFO as lead guitarist. Guitarist Ulrich Roth replaced Schenker in June of 1973. Then Jurgen Rosenthal and Francis Buchholz replaced Wolfgang Ziony and Lothar Heinberg respectively.

After signing a recording deal with RCA Records, the group released the album "Fly to the Rainbow" in November of 1974. Followed by "In Trance" in November of 1976. Then, "Virgin Killers" in February of 1977. Finally, "Taken by Force" in April of 1978.
Still relatively unknown in mainstream U.S., They were quite popular in Asia, particularly Japan.

In 1978, Ulrich Roth left the group and was replaced by guitarist Mathias Jabs(born Oct.25,1956).

The next album to be released was "Love Drive". This would also mark the return of Michael Schenker for a guest performance on three tracks of the album. Michael would later move on to form his own group.

The Scorpions now sign a deal with Mercury Records, and shortly after the release of "Animal Magnetism", Klaus Meine took time off for a medical condition. He would undergo throat surgery, and return in time for the release of "Black Out" in March of 1982.

After a series of very successful singles, including "No one like You" and "Rock You like a Hurricane", the Scorpions released the live album entitled "World Wide Live". After which they vanished from the music scene. Only to return, four years later, and release the hit "Rhythm of Love" off the "Savage Amusement" LP.
After a historic performance in Russia, they were inspired to write the single "Wind of Change".

Eventually, they would go on to release better than seven albums(mostly on the Mercury label). Even with their popularity diminishing somewhat, they can still muster a respectable audiance. They have also established themselves as one of the primiere hard rock bands of all time.

1973... Lonesome Crow ...Brain(1001)
Nov,1974... Fly to the Rainbow ...RCA(APL-1-4025),(RS-1023)
Mar,1976... In Trance ...RCA(PPL-1-4028),(RS-1039)
Feb,1977... Virgin Killers ...RCA(APL-1-4225),(PPL-1-4025)
April,1978... Taken by Force ...RCA(APL-1-2628),(PL-28309)
Feb,1979... The Tokyo Tapes(Live) ...RCA(NL-28331)
April,1979... Lovedrive ...Harv(SHSP-4097),Merc(3795)
April,1980... Animal Magnetism ...Harv(SHSP-4113),Merc(3825)
March,1982... Blackout ...Harv(SHUL-823),Merc(4039)
March,1984... Love at First Sting ...Harv(SHSP-24-0007),Merc(814981)
June,1985... World Wide Live ...Harv(SCORP-1),Merc(824344)
April,1988... Savage Amusement ...Harv(SHSP-4125),Merc(832963)
Nov,1990... Crazy World ...Merc(846908)
Sept,1993... Face the Heat ...Merc(518280)
April,1995... Love Bites(Live) ...Merc(526903-2)(CD only)
May,1996... Pure Instinct ...E/W(0630-14524),Atl(82913)
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