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Ride the Lightning(French)
Metallica's Ride the Lightning(French version) Pic-Disc
This disc was manufactured by Bernett Records of France under license from Megaforce Records.
The story goes that Bernett Records pressed these discs for Music For Nations Records of London. Instead of using blue ink as requested by M.F.N., Bernett accidently used green ink instead.
As the story developes, these pic-discs were meant for distribution as promotional copies, hence the "Promotional Copy-Not For Sale" stamped on the bottom of the flip side.

This picture disc, claims to be "promotional". But as with all picture discs, can be acquired for a price.

The songs found on this disc are:
Side One
Fight Fire with Fire
Ride the Lightning
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Fade to Black
Side Two
Trapped under Ice
Creeping Death
The Call of Ktulu
James Hetfield (lead vocals/rhythm guitars)
Kirk Hammett (lead,rhythm,guitars)
Lars Ulrich (drums)
Cliff Burton (bass)
Founded in Norvale,California in 1981 by drummer Lars Ulrich(born December 16,1963 in Copenhagen,Denmark), and guitarist James Hetfield(born August 3,1963 in Los Angeles,California). This "Thrash/Heavy Metal" group is credited for making Metal Rock what it is today. At the same time, overcoming adversity and tragedy including the firing of guitarist Dave Mustaine, and the death of bassist Cliff Burton on September 27,1986, in a bus crash while touring Sweden. Guitarist Kirk Hammett(born November 18,1962 in San Francisco,California) replaced Mustaine, and bassist Jason Newsted(born March 4,1963 in Battle Creek,Mi) replaced Burton.
Prior to Burtons death, Metallica released three albums. First, "Kill Em' All" in 1983. Then, "Ride the Lightning" in 1984. Followed by "Master of Puppets" in 1986 which is said to be Metallica's finest effort on vinyl. Metallica later went on to write extremely complex music, which sold millions of copies without even the benefit of airtime.
Additionally, they toured with names such as Guns N' Roses and Ozzy Osbourne. Then went on to headline the 6th American Lollapalooza Tour.
July,1983.. Kill Em' All ..M.F.N.(MFN-7),M.R.I.(MRI-069)
July,1984.. Ride the Lightning ..M.F.N.(MFN-27),Elek.(60396)
March,1986.. Master of Puppets ..M.F.N.(MFN-60),Elek.(60439)
August,1987.. The $5.98 EP-Garage days Re-Revisited ..Metal(1-12),Elek.(60757)
October,1988.. And Justice for All ..Vert.(836 062 2),Elek.(60812)
August,1991.. Metallica ..Vert.(510 022 2),Elek.(61113)
December,1993.. Live Shit:Binge and Purge ..Vert.(518 726 21 4),Elek.(61594)
(No vinyl lp./3-CD's and 3 tapes,plus books and tickets)
June,1996.. Load ..Vert.(532 618 2),Elek.(61923)
November,1997.. Re-load ..Vert(536 409 2),Elek.( )
<bgsound src="metallica_fade_to_black.mid">
Song: Fade to Black
File: Midi
Size: 71 k Official Metallica homepage.
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