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Judas Priest
Sad Wings of Destiny
Originally released on April,1976 on the Gull label(GULP-1015) and re-issued as a picture disc by Gull on September,1977(PGULP-1015). Also released by S.P.I. of Paris,France in 1983 (cat.# PD79)
This was the second release by probably the finest Heavy Metal group out of the U.K. Though not immediately noticed, "Sad Wings" eventually received critical acclaim in both the U.S. and in the U.K. It was touted as being the record that put Judas Priest on the path to fame. They soon afterwards landed a big contract with C.B.S. Records in the spring of 1977.
The picture disc itself, was sold commercially but limited, and has a moderate degree of rarity. The asking price is usually between ten and twentyfive dollars. Depending upon album wear and if it is still sealed.
The songs found on this album are:
Side One
Island of domination
Side Two
Victum of changes
Dreamer deceiver
Robert Halford (lead vocals)
K.K.Downing (lead,rhythm,guitars)
Glenn Tipton (guitars/piano)
Alan Moore(drums)
Ian Hill (bass)
Founded in 1970 in Birmingham, England by guitarist K.K.Downing(born on October 27,1951 in the West Midlands), and bassist Ian Hill(born on January 20,1952 in the West Midlands).
After a number of changes to the member roster, and a series of tours in the U.K. and Europe, "J.P." signed a recording contract with Gull Records. Shortly after the release of their first two albums under Gull Records, they switched labels and signed with C.B.S. Records. There, they released "Sin After Sin" in April of 1977. The group went on to release twelve more albums until their break up shortly after Robert Halford's departure in October of 1992. Judas Priest, later returned in 1997 with "Ripper Owens" on vocals and released the album "Jugulator".
Sept,1974... Rocka Rolla ...Gull(GULP-1005)
Apr,1976... Sad Wings Of Destiny ...Gull(Gulp-1015)/Janus(7019), Gull pic-disc Sept,77(PGULP-1015)
Apr,1977... Sin After Sin ...CBS(CBS/40 82008),Col(34587)
Feb,1978... Stained Class ...CBS(CBS/40 82430),Col(35296)
Feb,1978... The Best of Judas Priest ...Gull(GULP-1026),Pic Disc version(PGULP-1026)
Nov,1978... Hell Bent for Leather(US), Killing Machine(UK) ...CBS(CBS/40 83135),Col(36179)
Sept,1975... Unleashed in the East(Live) ...CBS(CBS/40 83852),Col(36179)
Apr,1980... British Steel ...CBS(CBS/40 84160),Col(36443)
Feb,1981... Point of Entry ...CBS(CBS/40 84834),Col(37052)
July,1982... Screaming for Vengeance ...CBS(CBS/40 85941),Col(38160)
Jan,1984... Defenders of the Faith ...CBS(CBS/40 25713),Col(39219)
Apr,1986... Turbo ...CBS(CBS/40 26641),Col(40158)
Jan,1987... Priest...(Live!) ...Atl(450639),Col(40794)
May,1988... Ram it Down ...Atl(461108),Col.()
Sept,1990... PainKiller ...Atl(467290),Col(46891)
Apr,1993... Metal Works(73-79) ...Atl(473050),Col(53932)
Nov,1997... Jugulator ...SPV(085 1878)
Col = Columbia Records
Atl = Atlantic Records
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