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Iron Maiden
The Trooper
The song "The Trooper", appeared on the album "Piece Of Mind", released in May of 1983. The shaped disc, seen above, was released in June of 1983 on the EMI Records label(EMIP 5397). Side One, contains the track "The Trooper". Side two, contains the song "Cross Eyed Mary", written by Ian Anderson of the band Jethro Tull, and appears on the album "Aqualung", released in March of 1971. This version of "Cross Eyed Mary", does not appear on any other Iron Maiden disc.
The shaped disc was pressed in the U.K., and sold commercially but limited. It has a rarity level of "medium". The asking price is usually between fifteen and twenty dollars. Depending upon album wear and availability.
The songs found on this disc are:
Side One
The Trooper
Side Two
Cross Eyed Mary
Bruce Dickinson (lead vocals)
Adrian Smith (guitars)
Dave Murray (guitars)
Nicko McBain (drums)
Steve Harris (bass)
Formed in East London, England in 1976 by bassist Steve Harris(born March 12,1957), drummer Doug Sampson, vocalist Paul Di'Anno(born May 17,1959) and guitarist Dave Murray(born December 23,1958). Plagued by changes in the line up, almost from the beginning, Iron Maiden signed a recording contract with EMI Records. Only to see Doug Sampson and Tony Parsons depart in November of 1979. Their replacements included drummer Clive Burr(born March 8,1957) and guitarist Dennis Stratton(born November 9,1954).
In April of 1980, EMI released the groups first LP entitled "Iron Maiden". Later that year, Dennis Stratton was replaced by guitarist Adrian Smith(born February 27,1957). Then in February of 1981, the band's second album, "Killers", was released. This would be the last studio album to feature Paul Di'Anno on vocals. With the release of "The Number Of The Beast" in March of 1982, vocalist Bruce Dickinson(born August 7,1958) would assume center stage. Within two months, another drummer would be added to the line up. This would be Nicko McBain(born June 5,1954) replacing Clive Burr. In May of 1983,"Piece of Mind" was released. This would be another album which featured the band's mascot "Eddie", in the cover art. After the issue of several highly successful albums, guitarist Adrian Smith was replaced with Janick Gers in February of 1990. The following October would mark the release of the LP "No Prayer For The Dying". This would be the first album, from Iron Maiden, to be released on the Epic Records label(U.S.).
Finally, in 1994, Bruce Dickinson would depart the group. His eventual replacement would be vocalist Blaze Bailey. On October 10,1995, Iron Maiden would release their last studio album. It would be entitled "The X Factor" and be released on the CMC International label(U.S.).
Apr,1980... Iron Maiden ...EMI(EMC 3330),Capitol
Feb,1981... Killers ...EMI(EMC 3357),Cap(12141)
Mar,1982... The Number Of The Beast ...EMI(EMC 3400),Cap(12202)
May,1983... Piece of Mind ...EMI(EMA 800),Cap(12274)
Sept,1984... Powerslave ...EMI(POWER 1),Cap(12321)
Oct,1985... Live After Death(Live) ...EMI(RIP 1),Cap(12441)
Sept,1986... Somewhere In Time ...EMI(EMC 3512),Cap(12524)
Apr,1988... Seventh Son of a Seventh Son ...EMI(EMD 1006),Cap(90258)
Oct,1990... No Prayer for the Dying ...EMI(EMD 1017),Epic(E 46905)
May,1992... Fear of the Dark ...EMI(EMD 1032),Epic(48993)
May,1993... A Real Live One(Live) ...EMI(EMD 1042),Cap(81456)
Oct,1995... The X Factor ...EMI(EMD 1087),CMC(8003)
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