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Iced Earth
Dark Saga
Iced Earth-Dark Saga
This disc was released in 1996 under the Century Media Records label (catalog #77136-1). It is based on the comic book character and animated motion picture of "Spawn". What is displayed on both sides of the record is the character "Spawn" (Formerly Al Simmons of the C.I.A.). The fabulous artwork, which appears on this disc, was the work of creator and illustrator Todd McFarlane and Tony Capullo Justice.
This disc was manufactured in Germany and sold commercially, with a pressing of only "500". Needles to say, it maintains a very high level of rarity. The asking price is hard to determine due to it's limited nature. But, according to the source of this disc, these same picture discs are selling for $75.00 in certain record stores.
The songs found on this disc are:
Side One
Dark Saga

I Died for You


the Hunter

The Last Laugh

Depths of Hell
Side Two
Vengeance is Mine

The Suffering


Slave to the Dark

A Question of Heaven
Matthew Barlow (vocals)
Randal Shawver (lead guitar)
Jon Schaffer (rhythm guitar,vocals)
Mark Prator (drums)
Dave Abell (bass)
Founded in the late eighties by guitarist Jon Schaffer and drummer Greg Seymour. After moving to Tampa, Florida, Jon Schaffer hired bassist Richard Bateman, guitarist Randall Shawver and vocalist Gene Adams. This would be the beginning of many line-up changes. Landing a recording contract with Century Media Records, the band released their debut album in 1991 entitled "Iced Earth". This would be followed by five more recordings with "Something Wicked This Way Comes" the most recent.
1991... Iced Earth ...Century Media Records
1992... Night of the Stormbringer ...Century Media Records
1995... Burnt Offerings ...Century Media Records
1996... Dark Saga ...Century Media Records
1997... Days of Purgatory ...Century Media Records
1998... Somethig Wicked This Way Comes ...Century Media Records
None Available

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