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Deep Purple
Deep Purple's Fireball Picture Disc
The original version of this album was issued in September,1971. This picture disc was re-issued in June,1985 by Harvest Records, catalog number(EJ 260 3440). In addition to the picture disc, a poster was included, and stored in a second plastic sleeve.
The disc was pressed in the U.K., and sold commercially but very limited, and has a rarity level of "moderate". The asking price is usually between thirty to thirty five dollars. Depending upon album wear and availability.
The songs found on this disc are:
Side One

No No No

Demon's Eye

Anyone's Daughter
Side Two
The Mule


No One Came
Ian Gillan (lead vocals)
Ritchie Blackmore (guitars)
Ian Paice (drums)
Roger Glover (bass)
Jon Lord (keyboards)
Formed 1968 in Hertford, England. The line-up included guitarist Ritchie Blackmore(born April 14,1945 in Avon, England), keyboardist Jon Lord(born June 9,1941 in Leicester, England), bassist Nick Simper(born 1946 in Southall, England), vocalist Rod Evans(born 1945 in Edinburgh, Scotland) and drummer Ian Paice(born June 29,1948 in Nottingham, England). Originally signed to comedian Bill Cosby's Tetragrammaton Records, the group recorded three albums the re-recorded version of Joe South's "Hush" and Neil Diamond's "Kentucky Woman". Both songs placed well in the U.S. charts with "Hush" going to #4, and "Kentucky Woman" hitting #38. Shortly afterwards, Tetragrammaton Records folded, with Deep Purple signing with Warner Bros. Records.

After switching to Warner Bros., the group saw a line-up change with vocalist Ian Gillan(born August 19,1945 in London, England) replacing Rod Evans and bassist Roger Glover(born November 30,1945 in Brecon, Wales) taking the place of Nick Simper. Two months followed and the band rleased the album "Deep Purple in Rock", with "Fireball" soon to follow. But it wouldn't be until the release of "Machine Head" in April of 1972 that Deep Purple's popularity really took off. With songs like "Space Truckin'","Highway Star", and "Smoke on the Water", the album began to rack up sales in the millions. Then, in 1973, the group saw further line-up changes. Ian Gillan and Roger Glover departed, and vocalist David Coverdale(born September 22,1949 in Cleveland, England), and bassist Glenn Hughes took their place. Following several album releases and the addition of guitarist Tommy Bolin(born 1951 in Sioux City, Iowa), Deep Purple disbanded.

The group, reunited in 1984, included Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Jon Lord, and Ritchie Blackmore.

Sept,1968... Shades of Deep Purple ...Tetra(102),Parlo(PCS 7055)
June,1969... Book of Taliesyn ...Tetra(107),Harv(SHVL 751)
Nov,1969... Deep Purple ...Tetra(119),Harv(SHVL 759)
Jan,1970... Concerto for Group and Orchestra.(Live) ...WB(1860),Harv(SHVL 767)
June,1970... Deep Purple in Rock ...WB(1877),Harv(SHVL 777)
Sept,1971... Fireball ...WB(2564),Harv(SHVL 793)
April,1972... Machine Head ...WB(2607),Purp(TPSA 7504)
Dec,1972... Made in Japan(Live) ...WB(2701),Purp(TPSP 351)
Feb,1973... Who Do You Think We Are! ...WB(2678),Purp(TPSA 7508)
Feb,1974... Burn ...WB(2766),Purp(TPS 3505)
Nov,1974... Stormbringer ...WB(2832),Purp(TPS 3508)
Oct,1975... Come Taste the Band ...WB(2895),Purp(TPSA 7515)
Nov,1976... Made in Europe/Deep Purple Live ...WB(2995),Purp(TPSA 7517)
Nov,1984... Perfect Strangers ...Merc(824003),Poly(POLH 16)
Jan,1987... The House of Blue Light ...Merc(831318),Poly(POLH 32)
June,1988... Nobody's Perfect(Live) ...Merc(835897),Poly(PODV 10)
Nov,1990... Slaves and Masters ...RCA(2421),RCA(PL 90535)
July,1993... The Battle Rages On ...RCA(74321 15240),Giant(24517)
Nov,1994... Come Hell or High Water(Live) ...RCA(74321 23416)
Feb,1996... Purpendicular ...RCA(74321 33802)
Tetra = Tetragrammaton Records
Parlo = Parlophone Records
Harv = Harvest Records
WB = Warner Brothers Records
Purp = Purple Records
Merc = Mercury Records
Poly = Polydor Records
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