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This album was released in 1976 under the Epic Records label (catalog # PE-34188). It was Boston's first endevour, and has sold over sixteen million copies. Immediately after this album's release, it went straight to the top of the charts. With the debut singles of "More than a feeling" and "Long time" released in December, and the combination of slick production and fancy guitar work, this bombshell of Boston's eventually became pop musics, all time best selling, debut album. It was finally dethroned in 1986.

The picture disc itself, was sold commercially, and is fairly commonplace. The asking price is usually between ten and twenty dollars. Depending upon album wear and if it is still sealed.

The songs found on this album are:
Side One
More than a feeling
Peace of mind
Foreplay/Long time
Side Two
Rock & roll band
Hitch a ride
Something about you
Let me take you home tonight
Brad Delp (lead vocals/acoustic,rhythm guitars)
Barry Goudreau (lead,rhythm,guitars)
Tom Scholz (lead,rhythm guitars/keyboard/bass)
Sib Hashian (drums)
Fran Sheehan (bass)
Formed in 1971, the group, largely the the brainstorm of keyboardist and eventually lead guitarist Tom Scholz. Born March 10, 1947 in Toledo Ohio. Scholz, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was working for the Polaroid Corporation during his sign-up with the group. The band, said to be all friends of Scholz, was led by guitarist Barry Goudreau(born November 29,1951), along with drummer Sib Hashian (born August 17,1949),and vocalist Brad Delp(born June 12,1951).

Using Scholz's home built 12 track recording studio, demos were recorded and a contract was signed in 1975 with Epic Records.

Their first album, entitled simply "Boston", was released around Christmas of 1976, and was the result of the original basement tapes recorded in Tom Scholz's home studio.
With state of the art production work, impressive harmonies, and precise guitar work(not to mention block buster singles like "More Than A Feeling" and "Peace Of Mind"), this debut album rapidly became a smashing success with sales topping over 16 million to date.

Scholz, being the ultimate perfectionist, took two years to finally agree to release the groups follow-up LP.
Though, not of the same caliber as the original album, "Don't Look Back", released in September of 1978, was never the less a Gold Album several times over.
It gave birth to the number one hit "Don't Look Back", and at the same time, was the beginning of the end for the group that only two years earlier, produced one of the biggest debut albums of all time.

With founder Tom Scholz spending the next several years in court facing lawsuits first brought by Barry Goudreau, followed by Epic Records claim of breach of contract, the band slowly slid into a state of early retirement.

Scholz, along with Brad Delp, guitarist Gary Phil, and session drummer Jim Masdea, reformed the group in 1978, and released their third LP on the MCA label entitled "Third Stage".
With respectable sales as a result of the number one hit song "Amanda", Scholz and the band again slipped into oblivion until their forth and final release in June of 1994 called "Walk On".

Scholz now spends his time as a businessman and inventer.
He founded Scholz Research and Design, which markets small electronic devices for home recording. Most notable is a device called "The Rockman". A small, inexpensive guitar amplifier with headphones.

January,1977... Boston ...(PC-34188)
September,1978... Don't look back ...(pc-35050)
October,1986... Third stage ...(MCG-6188)
June,1994... Walk on ...(MCD-10973) CD/Cass only
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