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Black Sabbath
Paranoid/Iron Man
These two songs, first appeared on the album entitled "Paranoid". It was the second LP to be recorded by Black Sabbath, and was released in September of 1970.
This 7" disc, was re-issued in 1982(cata.#NEP 1). The "A" side of the disc is shown above. The "B" side, shows a coffin displaying a cross with "Black Sabbath" superimposed over the coffin, and the song titles and credits below.
The disc was pressed in the U.K., and sold commercially but limited, and has a rarity level of "moderate". The asking price is usually between eight to twelve dollars. Depending upon album wear and availability.
The songs found on this disc are:
Side One
Side Two
Iron Man
Ozzy Osbourne (lead vocals)
Tony Iommi (guitars)
Bill Ward (drums)
Geezer Butler (bass)
Formed Birmingham, England in 1969 by vocalist Ozzy Osbourne(born December 3,1948), bassist Geezer Butler(born July 17,1949), guitarist Tony Iommi(born February 19,1948) and drummer Bill Ward(born May 5,1948). Sporting a name, derived from a horror movie, the band signed a recording contract with Vertigo Records in 1970. After the release of their first album entitled "Black Sabbath", the group found themselves in the Top 10 of the British music charts. Inspired by the occult,"Black Sabbath" released hits such as "Paranoid", "The Wizard", "War Pigs" and "Iron Man". Though they were disliked by some, they began to attain a large following.
Bowing to the pressures of success, Osbourne performed a brief stint in alcohol rehab in 1976. He later returned to the group, only to leave again in 1979 to pursue a solo career. Vocalist Ronnie James Dio, formerly of the group "Rainbow", would be recruited to replace Osbourne. At this point, Ozzy was the only member of the original line up to have left. But within a short time, that too would change. Drummer Vinnie Appice would replace Bill Ward. In 1983, vocalist Ian Gillan, formerly of Deep Purple, was brought in Ronnie James Dio. Drummer Bill Ward would eventually return, only to be replaced with Bev Bevan.
Line up changes would continue, with only one of the original founders remaining, guitarist Tony Iommi. After a number of disappointing releases, Iommi and Osbourne would join forces with the other band members, for a reunion LP and tour.
Feb,1970... Black Sabbath ...Vert(VO 6),WB(1871)
Sept,1970... Paranoid ...Vert(6360 011),WB(1887)
Aug,1971... Master of Reality ...Vert(6360 050),WB(2562)
1972... Black Sabbath-Vol.4 ...Vert(6360 071),WB(2602)
Dec,1973... Sabath, Bloody Sabbath ...WWA(WWS 005),WB(2695)
Sept,1975... Sabotage ...NEMS(9119 001),WB(2822)
Feb,1976... We Sold Our Souls for Rock and Roll ...NEMS(6641 335),WB(2923)
Oct,1976... Technical Ecstasy ...Vert(9102 750),WB(2969)
Oct,1978... Never Say Die! ...Vert(9102 751),WB(3186)
Apr,1980... Heaven and Hell ...Vert(9102 752),WB(3372)
Nov,1981... Mob Rules ...Vert(6302 119),WB(3605)
Jan,1983... Live Evil(live) ...Vert(SAB 10),WB(23742)
Sept,1983... Born Again ...Vert(VERL 8),WB(23978)
Feb,1986... Seventh Star ...Vert(VERH 29),WB(25337)
Nov,1987... The Eternal Idol ...Vert(VERH 51),WB(25548)
Apr,1989... Headless Cross ...IRS(EIRSA 1002)
Aug,1990... TYR ...IRS(EIRSA 1038)
June,1992... Dehumanizer ...IRS(EIRSA 1064),Rep(26965)
Feb,1994... Cross Purposes ...IRS(EIRS LP 1067),Rep(13222)
June,1995... Forbidden ...(No Vinyl Issued)
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