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Ace Frehley
Solo Album
This album was released in October of 1978 under the Casablanca Records label (catalog # NBPIX 7121) and in numerical order, was the second solo album by the group "Kiss". Though not as successful as the album by co-worker Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley's solo endeavor is said to be the best written and most musically appealing of the four solo attempts.
The picture disc itself, was sold commercially but limited. And due to a re-issue, which occured in 1987, this disc is not particularly difficult to find. But, because of the groups popularity, this disc is very much in demand, and therefore pricey . The asking price is usually between thirty and fortyfive dollars. Depending upon album wear and if it is still sealed.
The songs found on this album are:
Side One
Rip it Out
Speedin Back to My Baby
Snow Blind
What's on Your Mind?
Side Two
New York Groove
I'm in Need of Love
Fractured Mirror
Gene Simmons (bass/lead vocals)
Ace Frehley (lead guitar/vocals)
Paul Stanley (rhythm guitars/vocals)
Peter Criss (drums/vocals)
Formed in 1972 by bassist Gene Simmons(born August 25,1949 in Haifa Israel), and guitarist Paul Stanley(born January 20,1952 in Queens,New York). Soon to join the group were drummer Peter Criss(born December 27,1947 in Brooklyn,New York)and guitarist Ace Frehley(born April 22,1951 in Bronx,New York). After performing gig's around the New York area, the group landed a recording contract with newcomer Casablanca Records. Their first album, entitled "Kiss", was released in february of 1974. It was a combination of raw, gritty guitar riffs and hard driving rock. Though relitively crude, the sound was good enough to place them in the top 100 of the music charts within the U.S. The album "Kiss" was then followed by "Hotter than Hell" and "Dressed to Kill". With three albums under their belt and touring non-stop, Kiss then released their two record bombshell entitled "Alive".
With this double dose of ear piercing guitars and on stage antics in grease paint, Kiss managed to shoot to the top 10 in the U.S. charts. Then in May of 1976, the group released "Destroyer". This album not only went platinum for the group, but also produced the smash hit, and first top 10 single written by Peter Criss titled "Beth". Kiss then went on to release three more platinum LP's "Rock and Roll Over", "Love Gun" and their second live album appropriately titled "Alive2".
In September of 1978, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley, each released solo albums on the same day. Though, not of the same caliber as their previous recordings, they still managed to make a respectable showing in the charts. Shortly after their next platinum release in 1979, titled "Dynasty", Peter Criss left the group to pursue a solo career. He was quickly replaced by drummer Anton Fig, and then with Eric Carr. In 1981, Ace Frehley left, and was replaced by Vinnie Vincent. After numerous album releases and changes in the member roster(with the death of Eric Carr in November of 1991 from cancer), Kiss finally assembled the original foursome in 1996 for one of their most sucessful tours ever.
Apr,1974... Kiss ...Casa(9001)
Nov,1974... Hotter than Hell ...Casa(7006)
Apr,1975... Dressed to Kill ...Casa(7016),(CBC 4004)
Oct,1975... Alive(Live) ...Casa(7020),(CBC 4011+2)
May,1976... Destroyer ...Casa(7025),(CBC 4008)
Feb,1977... Rock and Roll Over ...Casa(NBLP 7037),(CALH 2001)
June,1977... Love Gun ...Casa(7057),(CALH 2017)
Nov,1977... Alive II(Live) ...Casa(7076),(CALD 5004)
Oct,1978... Gene Simmons(solo) ...Casa(NBLP 7120),pic-disc(NBPIX 7120),Re-issued Pic-disc in 1987(NBLPP 7120)
Oct,1978... Ace Frehley(solo) ...Casa(NBLP 7121),pic-disc(NBPIX 7121),Re-issued Pic-disc in 1987(NBLPP 7121)
Oct,1978... Peter Criss(solo) ...Casa(NBLP 7122),pic-disc(NBPIX 7122),Re-issued Pic-disc in 1987(NBLPP 7122)
Oct,1978... Paul Stanley(solo) ...Casa(NBLP 7123),pic-disc(NBPIX 7123),Re-issued Pic-disc in 1987(NBLPP 7123)
June,1979... Dynasty ...Casa(7152)(CALH 2051)
June,1980... Unmasked ...Casa(7225),Merc(6302 032)
Nov,1981... Music From "The Elder" ...Casa(7261),Merc(6302 163)
Oct,1982... Creatures of the Night ...Casa(7270),Merc(6302 219)
Oct,1983... Lick it Up ...Vert(VERL 9),Merc(814 297)
Sept,1984... Animalize ...Vert(VERL 18),Merc(822 495)
Oct,1985... Asylum ...Vert(VERH 32),Merc(826 099)
Oct,1987... Crazy Crazy Nights ...Vert(VERH 49),Merc(832 626)
Oct,1989... Hot in the Shade ...Vert(838 913),Merc()
May,1992... Revenge ...Vert(848 037),Merc(48037)
May,1993... AliveIII ...Vert(528 950),Poly()
Mar,1996... MTV Unplugged(Live) ...Vert(528 950),Merc()
Oct,1997... Carnival of Souls ...Merc(536 323)
Other Albums Released:
Aug,1976... The Originals(First three albums) ...Casa(7032)
May,1978... Double Platinum ...Casa(7100-2),(CALD 5005)
Jan,1981... The Best of the Solo Albums ...Casa(6302 060)
June,1982... Killers ...Casa(CANL 1)
Nov,1988... Smashes,Thrashes and Hits ...Vert(),Merc(836 759 1)
June,1996... You wanted the Best,You got the Best(Live) ...Merc(532 741)
Apr,1997... Greatest Kiss ...Poly(536 159)
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