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Painted Black's RS World

Welcome to my personal Stone's Website. This is my way of showing my dedication to the greatest Rock 'n' Roll band in the world Please note this site is curently under construction, but here's a few things to start it off:

My Fav Stone

Now many find it odd that I like Ronnie, but hey he's well rounded, a very good artist and we share birthdays. Now don't me get wrong, I love everyone else just as much...The Stones Rule. Actually it's very hard to say i like one better than the other, there are characteristics that I enjoy about each Stone:

Mick's lovely voice and looks

Keef's voice(its not that bad) and his "keep it cool" attitude

Ronnie(see above)

and Charlie's dedication and his drum beat

Am I Obsessed????

People think I'm crazy.......well hey when most of my school mates see me with earphones on, they're like "You listening to the Stones?" or something like that. In one way or another yes is my answer. It started with a lovely Christmas present i received from my mother to see "The Great Ones" in Syracuse. I admit the atmosphere wasn't one to rave about, but the concert impacted me to be an offcial "Stones Freak." Of course everyone who knows me loves to mock me whenever I start to sing some of my favorite tunes: Paint it Black, Lady Jane, Doo doo doo doo doo (Heart breaker), Angle in my Heart (yes i know its only by Mick, but in my book it counts), etc

Can't forget Brian...

Well, he's the one who started it all and well, I'm sure I'll get some message asking "What about Brian?" So here he is playing his guitar. It was ashame that he had to leave this world while in his prime, but who knows what would've happened if he didn't. And also I've got to include this picture because Brian, after all, plays the sitar for "Paint it Black" and it just wouldn't be right not including him.

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