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  Welcome Ozzy Fans. I can see that you have found my page. I hope you find my page helpful and interesting. I have an ever growing collection of pictures. If you have any pictures,  suggestions or any else that you think should be on this page please email me at
Welcome to the Land Of Ozzy

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Interesting Facts about Ozzy Osbourne

I have no idea if these are true. Most of them were sent to me by other people.

  • Ozzy once killed all 17 of his cats with a shotgun

  • When he left school he wanted to become a plumber

  • When he heard the Beatles he wanted to become a Beatle

  • His first musical job was working in the Lucas electrical plant tuning car horns

  • He sniffed ants up his nose with a straw while drunk with Motley Crue .



    Ozzy has over fifteen tattoos over his body.
    Some of the tatoos are:

    • Red hooded ghoul on left chest

    • Blue dragon with red flames on right chest

    • Unknown tattoo (leaves or dagger?) on right arm

    • Stick man figure on left wrist just below thumb

    • Unknown tattoo (letters) on his left palm, starts with "A"

    • Letters O,Z,Z,Y on his knuckles of left hand

    • The word 'THANKS' is marked on his right palm

    • Happy faces on both knee

    • Rose on right shoulder, he would later have the word 'Sharon' tattooed under it

    • Skull with knife through it on left arm

    • Long pointed dagger with Ozzy banner on left arm

    • Bat and woman's face on upper left shoulder

    • Symbols and a number "3" on his arm

    • Sword on his right thigh




    This page was last updated on July 9, 2001.

    Tony Vore.
    Copyright 2000 All rights reserved.