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ANGEL CORPSE- 4/23/00 Houston, TX (3/3)
AT THE GATES- The Burning Darkness (Promo)
AT THE GATES- Terminal Spirit Disease (Promo)

CARCASS- 3/5/92 Rome, Italy (4/4)
CELTIC FROST- Circle of the Tyrants (Promo)
CELTIC FROST- Wine In My Hand (Promo)
CORONER- Masked Jackal (Promo)
CORONER- Last Entertainment (Promo)

DEATH- Lack of Comprehension (promo)
DEATH- 10/12/93 Florence, Italy (3+/4)
DEATH- The Philosopher (promo)
DEICIDE- 10/14/00 Houston, TX (3/4)
DISSECTION- "Live in Koln" 3/31/97 Koln, Germany (Pro) (3/5)

IMPALED NAZARENE- Hardboiled and Still Hellbound (Promo)
IRON MAIDEN- 8/5/00 New York, NY (2xCD) (4/4)
IRON MAIDEN- 8/9/00 Portland, ME (2xCD) (4/4)

KATATONIA- 12/17/93 Norrkoping, Sweden
KATATONIA- 6/10/94 Karlstad (3-/3)
KATATONIA- "Teargas" one song live in Turku, Finland (5/5)

METALLICA- 3/12/89 Philadelphia, PA (Pro) (2xCD) (4/3)
METALLICA- Harvester of Sorrow, Live in Moscow `91
"MUCH MUSIC DEATH METAL SPECIAL"- Interviews etc... (SVCD) (5/5)

OVERKILL- 2/8/96 Hamburg Docks, Germany, Viva TV special Live & interviews (Pro) (4/4)

PARADISE LOST- "Harmony Breaks" 1993 (Pro) (4/4)
PARADISE LOST- One Second (Promo)

PESTILENCE- 12/92 Eindhoven, Holland
REPULSION- Maggots In Your Coffin (live promo)

SATAN RIDES THE MEDIA- Interviews etc... (SVCD) (5/5)
SLAYER- Bloodline (Promo)