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I under no circumstances sell videos or CDs, nor do I accept 2:1 trades. The titles on my list are strictly for trade. If you do not feel that you have anything to offer, I do consider "official" albums and band merchandise as well.

I will accept: 2 Cassettes for 1 CD-R and 2 CD-Rs for 1 Videocassette. This rule is not written in stone, other arrangements can be made.

I use Maxell Silver or Gold videocassettes (usually, or other high grade cassettes) and expect high quality videocassettes from those I am trading with. I have yet to run into problems with any brand of CD-R, I personally use Memorex (or whatever is currently available to me), you may use whatever brand you wish. Audio cassettes must be a high quality Type II.

Videos must be recorded in SP mode, please do not dub cassettes at high speed and always burn CDs in D.A.O. mode!

Please include a listing of the bands, date, location or as much information as you have for each recording. For CDs and cassettes, please include a track listing as well if possible. Do Not write on the video labels as each of us have a different means of cataloging our collections.

Within the U.S. due to the rising cost of postage and with few people mailing my packages via Priority, I now ship via Media mail, all others are shipped via Air Mail, I expect the same.

I generally try to ship at the same time.
Please keep me updated with the status of the trade, let me know when shipping and when my end of the trade reaches you.

I am locaed in the U.S. and can only work with the NTSC video format.

Please limit Promo videos and clips under 10 minutes to five per videocassette. Any requests for "clip" compilation videos will be denied!

Regarding MP3s, I do not care to trade for them unless it is something I really want for personal listening. Any MP3 sourced material on my site is listed as such. I do not have a high speed internet connection, so I will not accept FTP trades. DO NOT SEND ME ANYTHING KNOWN TO BE MP3 SOURCED WITHOUT CHECKING WITH ME FIRST OR YOU WILL BE LISTED AS A BAD TRADER! Finally, I cannnot stress enough, DISK AT ONCE MODE ONLY! I am willing to work with anyone who tells me a recording is in TAO mode before hand, but I am sick of fixing up CDs in TAO because of someone's mistake.
Thank you!