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SABBAT (JAP)- "Sabbatical Demon" Demo 1990
SABBAT (UK)- "Magic in Practice and Theory" Demo
SABBAT (UK)- "Fragments of A Faith Forgotten" Demo + "Blood For the Blood God" Bonus track
SABBAT (UK)- "Stranger Than Fiction" (Demo `86)
SABBAT (UK)- "Burning, Into the Fire" includes "Magic..." demo, 2/21/87 BBC session and 5/23/88 Dynamo Fest- Eindhoven, Holland
SABBAT (UK)- 6/6/87 Nottingham, England
SABBAT (UK)- 4/11/88 Nottingham, England
SABBAT (UK) 1988 Dusseldorf, Germany
SABBAT (UK)- 9/18/88 Den Bosch, Holland
SABBAT (UK)- 9/7/89 Vooselar, Belgium
SABBAT (UK)- 6/1/89 Dublin Ireland
SABBAT (UK)- 12/9/89 Tilburg, Holland
SABBAT/RETURN TO THE SABBAT (UK)- 2001 "Bloodstock Festival" Derby, England
SABBAT/RETURN TO THE SABBAT (UK)- 8/30/02 Derby, UK "Bloodstock `02"
SACRIFICE- "The Exorcism" Demo
SACRIFICE- 2/27/87 Canada
SAMAEL- "Into the Infernal Storms of Evil" (Demo)
SAMAEL- "Macabre Opera" (Demo)
SAMAEL- "Midieval Prophecy" EP `88
SAMAEL- "From Dark to Black" (Demo `89)
SAMAEL/TIAMAT- 3/93 Location unknown
SAMHAIN- "Black Dream" Demo, live 2/5/85, "Unholy Passion" (Original mix) & Radio interview
SANATORIO- "Master of Lies" (Demo)
SATANIC WARMASTER- "Bloody Ritual" (Demo)
SATYRICON- "All Evil Baroeg"
SAVAGE GREED- "A Metamorphosis Addict" Demo
SEPULTURA- 1993 Eindhoven, Holland
SEPULTURA- 5/94 Lille, France
SEPULTURA- "Live Hypnosis" 1994
SETHERIAL- "A Hail to the Faceless Angels" (Demo)
SICKENED- "Deceased" (Demo)
SIGH- "Tragedies" (demo)
SIMON AND GARFUNKEL- "Sounds of Silence, Live NY" 1966 New York, NY
SISTERS OF MERCY- "Black October" 10/22/84 or 85
SISTERS OF MERCY- 1991 Vienna, Austria
SISTERS OF MERCY- "Welcome to the Temple of Love" 7/31/93 London, England + Bonus 6/27/92 track
SKYCLAD- "Friday Night Rock" 9/92 (Four song radio broadcast)
SKYCLAD- "Friday Rock Show" 9/92 (Same as above with bonus track)
SKYCLAD- "Outrageous (Four)tunes" unreleased accoustic versions of four older songs
SKYCLAD- 4/21/96 Salonici, Greece
SKYCLAD- 4/21/98 Hamburg, Germany
SLAUGHTER- 10/84 Rehearsal
SLAUGHTER- 11/84 Rehearsal
SLAUGHTER- "Bloody Karnage" (Demo 1985)
SLAUGHTER- 5/20/86 Canada
SLAUGHTER- 4/4/86 Canada
SLAYER- "Slayerized" 1983 California (many unreleased songs) & bonus rare studio tracks
SLAYER- 1984 Haunting the Chapel demos & rehearsals
SLAYER- 6/23/84 Ruthie's Inn, Berkeley, CA
SLAYER- 11/10/84 Brooklyn, NY
SLAYER- 1984 Hell Awaits demos & rehearsals
SLAYER- 4/6/85 Milwaukee, WI, Billy's Old Mill (Kerry on Bass)
SLAYER- "Church of Slayton" 1985 U.S.A.
SLAYER- "Captor of Sin" 5/26/85 Poeringe, Belgium & 6/14/85 Nuremburg, Germany
SLAYER- "Kill, Kill, Kill" 5/28/85 Holland
SLAYER- "Obscure and Obscene" 6/2/85 Elkerlyc, Luttenburg, Holland
SLAYER- "Killing For A Living" 6/19/85 Isenburg, Germany
SLAYER- "And the Band Slayed On" 2/1/86 San Diego, CA (Jeff on Bass and Tom on vocals only)
SLAYER- 10/17/86 Brooklyn,NY (Surprise appearance, 3 songs)
SLAYER- 11/28/86 Toronto, Canada
SLAYER- 11/30/86 Montreal, Canada
SLAYER- 10/31/87 Philadelphia, PA
SLAYER- "Corpus Christi" 12/19/87 Salt Lake City, UT & 12/28/87 Corpus Christi, TX
SLAYER- 8/31/88 New York, NY
SLAYER- 11/9/88 Cleaveland, OH
SLAYER- 12/4/88 Miami, FL (Final show of the U.S. South of Heaven tour)
SLAYER- "Hell Raiser" 1/12/89 Den Bosch, Holland
SLAYER- "Die By the Sword" 9/22/90 Genk, Belgium
SLAYER- 1991 Nassau
SLAYER- 6/29/91 Philadelphia, PA (Clash of the Titans)
SLAYER- "Angel of Death" 1992 Donnington Monsters of Rock + rare & remix bonus tracks
SLAYER- "Rare In Blood" 3/12/95 Mesa, AZ (Live intrusion audio + rare tracks)
SLAYER- "Escape From the Studio `95" 8/26/95 Donnington, England (Last show w/ Paul) & 1986 Rehearsal
SLAYER- 6/1/02 Goffert Park, Nijmegen, Holland
SLEEP CHAMBER- 10/25/89 Boston, MA
SODOM- "Witching Metal" 1st demo 1983
SODOM- "Victims of Death" 2nd Demo 1984
SODOM- 1/12/84 Essen, West Germany
SODOM- 7/4/87 St-Lievens-Houtem, Belgium
SODOM- 4/22/88 St-Lievens-Houtem, Belgium
SODOM- 10/2/89 Rotterdam, Holland
SODOM- 9/15/91 Sofia, Bulgaria
SODOM- 10/23/91 Osaka, Japan (2xCD)
SODOM- 5/25/94 Essen, Germany, Unreleased portion of the "Marooned" album Featuring "Peavey" Wagner from Rage
SODOMIZED- "Cannibalistic Devourment" (Demo `94)
SOILS OF FATE- "Pain...Has A Face" (Demo `97)
SOLEFALD- "Jernlov" Demo 1996
SOLITUDE AETURNUS- 5/13/95 Enfer, Germany (sb)
SORROW BEQUEST- "Torn From the Last" (Demo `97)
STORM- "Wintermoon" Demo
S.O.D.- 1985 Trenton, NJ
S.O.D.- 10/18/85 Yonkers, NY "
S.O.D.- 12/14/00 New York, NY
STRESSBALL- 5/6/94 Asbury Park, NJ
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES- "Waking the Dead" 1991 Cleaveland, OH, 7/26/87 Netherlands
SUMMON- "Fire Turns Everything Black" (Demo `95)
SUMMONING- "Minas Morgul" Demo 1994
SUMMONING- "Upon the Viking Stallion" Demo 1994 (MP3 Source)
SWORD OF DARKNESS- "Promo 2002" demo
SYRACH- "Nor the Frail Perception" (Demo `95) (Includes Helheim member)