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NAGLFAR- Demo `94
NAPALM DEATH- "Christmas Corruption" 12/19/91 Stuttgart, Germany
NAPALM DEATH- "Hate In Utopia" 1992 Europe
NARGAROTH- "Orke" (Demo)
NARGAROTH- "Fuck Nowadays Black Metal" (Demo)
NARGAROTH- Erlangen, Germany (Date Unkown)
NATRON- 8/7/01 Paris, France
NAZXUL- S/T (demo)
NECROVORE- S/T (Demo 1987)
NIHILIST (Entombed)- "Premature Autopsy" Demo #1 `88
NIHILIST/ENTOMBED- "Demos" (Collection of Demos and 7"s)
NOCTERNITY ENSHADOWED- "Cremation Odes" (Demo 2000)
NOCTUARY- 1997 Rehearsal (Many unreleased songs)
NOCTURNAL RITES- 1998 Hamburg, Germany
NOCTURNUS- Demo #1 1988
NOCTURNUS- "The Science of Horror" Demo #2 1989
NOCTURNUS- 9/90 Rehearsal (2 songs)
NOCTURNUS- 5/30/92 General Wolfe, Coventry, U.K.
NUCLEAR ASSAULT- 2/10/85 Baltimore, MD
NUN SLAUGHTER- "Face of Evil" (Demo)


OBITUARY- Demo as Xecutioner
OBITUARY- 1987 Rehearsal
OBITUARY- "Morbid Confessions" 1/1/88 Tampa, FL & Location Unknown 1987
OBITUARY- "Godly Beings" 1991 Eindhoven, Holland
OBITUARY- "Pain in the Last Path" 1992 Europe
OBITUARY (Trilogy of Destruction Vol. 2)- 6/12/92 Holland
OCTOBER 31- "The Chosen Ones" 6/30/00 Springfield, VA
OLD- 1992 Los Angeles, CA
OLD MAN'S CHILD- 1994 Rehearsal
OPETH- 1991 Akalla (Stockholm), Sweden
OPETH- 1992 Rehearsal (2 songs) (Not from reissues)
OPETH- 1993 Rehearsal (3 songs) (Not from reissues)
OPETH- 1993 Rehearsal (2 songs) (Not from reissues)
OPETH- 10/31/95 Astoria- London, England
OPETH- 6/19/96 Manchester, England
OPETH- 7/28/00 Milwaukee, WI (Metalfest)
OPETH- 4/23/01 St. Louis, MO
OPETH- "The Smell of Death in Chicago" 6/12/01 Chicago, IL
OPETH- 6/30/01 Waldrock Festival- Burgum, Holland
OPETH- 12/4/01 Camden Underworld, London, England (2xCD)
OPHTHALAMIA- Split 7" track (The Eternal Walk Pt. 1) with It on vocals.
OPHTHALAMIA- "Journey to Darkness" (Studio demos for the first album with All on vocals and a track not appearing on that album)
ORDER FROM CHAOS- "Crushed Infamy" (Demo `89)
ORDER FROM CHAOS- "Will to Power" (Demo `90)
OSCULUM INFAME- "L'a aem'nh s'ha-tn" (Demo `95)
OSSUARY- "Fallen to the Pits" (Demo `95)
OTYG- "Bergtagen" (Demo `95)
OTYG- "I Trollskogens Drommonde Morker" (Demo `96)
OUROBOROS- "Serpentine Existance" (Demo) [incomplete] (Featuring Lust Member)
OUROBOROS- "Invoking the Worm" (Demo `01)
OVEIRON- "Blessed By Brutality of Evil" (Demo `98)
OVERKILL- "Power In Black" (demo) + bonus "Feel the Fire" demo track
OVERKILL- "Power In Black-Remastered" Demo and rare tracks
OVERKILL- "Power In Black & Then Some" Demo and rare tracks
OVERKILL- "Deathrider" 8/31/84 Brooklyn, NY
OVERKILL- 10/27/84 New York, NY
OVERKILL- "Ain't Nothing to Do" 1/5/85 Staten Island, NY
OVERKILL- 1985 2 Live tracks
OVERKILL- "Feel the Fire Live" 1985 New York
OVERKILL- "Kill On Command" 3/1/86 Brooklyn, NY
OVERKILL- "Kill After Kill" 11/16/86 Minneapolis, MN and 3/15/87 Bochum West Germany
OVERKILL- "Fuckin' Hammerhead" 11/26/86 Syracuse, NY
OVERKILL- "Special Guest" 4/6/87 Knopf's Music Hall, Germany
OVERKILL- "The Nightmare Continues" 1987 Brooklyn, NY
OVERKILL- "Killing Time" 11/26/89 Chicago, IL
OVERKILL- 1990 Boston, MA
OVERKILL- "I Hate Allentown" 1990 Allentown, PA
OVERKILL- "Hello From the Gutter" 1990 uncensored radio brodcast concert. (Bobby G.'s last show)
OVERKILL- "Elvis is Dead" 1992 New Jersey
OVERKILL- 10/9/94 Old Bridge, NJ
OVERKILL- 2/24/00 Moscow, Russia
OVERKILL- 11/20/03 Dekade, Holland (2xCD)
OVERLORD (POL)- "Overland" (Demo `95)
OVERLORD (POL)- "Tape `98"


PANTHEON- S/T (Demo `98)
PARADISE LOST- "Demo 1" 3/12/88
PARADISE LOST- 1988 Rehearsal track "Nuclear Abomination"
PARADISE LOST- "Fozen Illusion" Demo #2 `89
PARADISE lOST- 2/18/89 Rehearsal track "Lost Paradise"
PARADISE LOST- "Live at Crash" 4/13/91 Freiburg, Germany
PARADISE LOST- 4/14/91 Luwigsburg, Germany
PARADISE LOST- "As I Fly" 7/4/92 Bergum, Netherlands
PARADISE LOST- 9/5/93 Stuttgart, Germany
PARADISE LOST- "The Past and the Present" Germany 11/93 & Bradford England 2/9/88
PARADISE LOST- "Harmony Breaks" (Video CD)
PARADISE LOST- "Black Street" 1993 Europe
PARADISE LOST- 8/19/95 "Bizarre Fest" Koln, Germany
PARADISE LOST- 7/13/96 "Rock of Gods Fest" Athens, Greece
PARNASSUS- "Receive My Dying Spirit" (Demo #1)
PARNASSUS- "Demo 2 `95"
PEST- "Hail the Black Imperial Hornsign" (Demo)
PESTILENCE- "The Penance" (Demo `86)
PESTILENCE- "Dysentery" (Demo `87)
PESTILENCE- 6/24/89 "Kix Festival" Veghel, Holland
PESTILENCE- 6/7/92 Dynamo Fest.- Eindhoven, Holland
PESTILENCE- 12/22/92 Eindhoven, Holland (Video CD)
POISON- "Bestial Death" (Demo #2 `85)
POLICE- 2/8/83 Montreal, Canada
POSSESSED- 1984 Demo
POSSESSED- "Fallen Angel" (Demo #2 `84)
POSSESSED- 1/5/85 San Francisco, CA
POSSESSED- March 1985 Rehearsal
POSSESSED- 9/11/85 Rehearsal
POSSESSED- 11/30/85 Montreal, Canada "WW III Festival"
POSSESSED- 1/3/86 Location unknown
POSSESSED- "Live San Fracisco `84 + San Diego `86"
POSSESSED- 10/17/86 Brooklyn, NY
POSSESSED- 11/12/86 Ludwigsburg, Germany
PRIMAL FEAR- 8/8/98 Wacken, Germany
PROFANATICA- "Broken Throne of Christ" (demo)
PROFANATICA- "Weeping In Heaven" (EP)
PROFANATICA- "As Tears of Blood Stain the Altar of Christ" (EP)
PROFANATICA- Live ??/??/??
PROFANATICA- 1992 Drier's Patch, NY
PROFANATICA- 7/14/01 Clifton, NJ (reunion show)


QUEENSRYCHE- "Garage Days" (Demo material from before the first album up to Empire) (3xCD) The first disk has quite a bit of digi-noise...


RAS ALGETHI- "Oblita Divititas" Demo 1993
RAS ALGETHI- 5/94 Rehearsal track "Images of a Lost Love"
RETURN TO THE SABBAT (SABBAT(UK))- 2001 Bloodstock, Derby, UK
RETURN TO THE SABBAT (SABBAT(UK))- 8/30/02 Derby, UK "Bloodstock `02
RIPPING CORPSE- "Death Warmed Over" Demo
RIPPING CORPSE- "Splattered Remains" Demo
RIPPING CORPSE- "Glorious Depravity" Demo
RIPPING CORPSE- 1991 Rehearsal
RITUAL CARNAGE- 10/28/00 Meguro, Japan
ROLLER- "1999 Promo" (demo) (featuring Proscriptor from Absu)
ROTTING CHRIST- Split with Monumentum (MP3 Source)
RUNNING WILD- 3/1/87 Copenhagen, Denmark