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MACABRE- "Shit List" Demo `87
MACABRE- Demo 1988
MACABRE- "The Half of Six on the Third of Nine" Demo `89
MACABRE- 1995 Chicago, IL (First unplugged show)
MACABRE- 3/22/01 Lorain, OH
MACABRE- 6/23/01 "Graspop Metal Meeting" Dessel, Belgium
MANIAC BUTCHER- "Immortal Death" (Demo 1993)
MARDUK- 3/16/91 Rehearsal (no vocals) (9 Min)
MARDUK- 11/5/91 Norrkoping, Sweden (20 Min)
MARDUK- 6/1/94 Live at Worth (Some songs are cut.)
MARDUK- 7/6/94 Copenhagen, Denmark
MARDUK- 2/17/95 Marseille, France
MARDUK- "Curse of the Undead" 1997 Rotterdam, Holland
MARDUK- "Day of Darkness"
MARDUK- "Panzer Division 666" 10/12/99 Paris, France
MARDUK- "Live at Waldrock" 7/1/00 Bergum, Holland
MARDUK- 7/1/00 Bergum, Holland (Waldrock Fest) (Complete show)
MARDUK- 5/24/01 South Amboy, NJ
MASOCHIST- "Nocturnal Practices" (Demo)
MASSACRE- "Infestation of Death" Demos and live tracks
MAYHEM- "Voice of a Tortured Skull" (Demo)
MAYHEM / MORBID- "A Tribute to the Black Emperors"
MAYHEM- 1988 Rehearsal
MAYHEM- "The Dawn of the Black Hearts" 2/28/90 Sarpsborg, Norway
MAYHEM- "Dawn of the Black Hearts" (2nd version) 2/28/90 Sarpsborg, Norway, 1986 Lillehammer, Norway
MAYHEM / THOU SHALT SUFFER- "The True Black" (Demos and rehersals)
MAYHEM- "In Memorium" (Rehearsals `90 - `93)
MAYHEM- "I Love Transylvania" (2 songs)
MAYHEM- "Ha Elm Zalag"
MAYHEM- 11/24/90 Zeitz
MAYHEM- 1991 Rehearsal (75 Min)
MAYHEM- "From the Darkest Past" 5/16/92 (De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas rehersal with no vocals and Count Grishnach on bass)
MAYHEM- "The Return" 6/21/97 Bischofswerda (Same show as official video with a longer set list)
MAYHEM- 7/24/98 Milwaukee, WI
MEGADETH- "Last Rites" Demo
MEGADETH- 4/15/84 San Francisco, CA
MEGADETH- "Burnt Offerings" 2/19/84 San Francisco, CA (2nd Show)
MEGADETH- Interview before the release of "Killing is My Business..."
MEGADETH- 4/18/84 Berkeley, CA
MEGADETH- 12/28/84 Brooklyn, NY Chris Poland's first show
MEGADETH- 6/25/85 Essex, MD (MP3 Sourced)
MEGADETH- 6/27/85 Spring Valley, NY
MEGADETH- 1985 St. Louis, MO
MEGADETH- 9/19/85 Country Club (MP3 Sourced)
MEGADETH- 11/25/85 San Diego, CA (MP3 Sourced)
MEGADETH- 11/29/85 San Diego, CA (MP3 Sourced)
MEGADETH- 12/13/85 Brooklyn, NY
MEGADETH- 1/29/86 Denver, CO (Last show before recording Peace Sells...)
MEGADETH- 2/24/87 Baltimore, MD
MEGADETH- 3/6/87 London, England
MEGADETH- 4/18/88 Toronto, Canada
MEGADETH- 6/29/91 Philadelphia, PA (Clash of the Titans)
MEGAPTERA- "Live in Rostock" 11/16/96
MENTORS- 5/3/86 Seattle, WA
MEPHISTO- "Hidden Pain" (Demo `98)
MERCY- "Mercy" (demo) (Messiah Marcolin's band before joining Candlemass)
MERCY- "Witchburner" (demo) (Messiah Marcolin's band before joining Candlemass)
MERCYFUL FATE- "Return of the Living Dead" 1982 Copenhagen, Denmark
MERCYFUL FATE- "Curse of the Pharaohs" (Demos and outtakes)
MERCYFUL FATE- 1/21/84 Hilversum, Netherlands
MERCYFUL FATE- 1984 Holland
MERCYFUL FATE- 4/11/85 Copenhagen, Denmark
MERCYFUL FATE- 1/22/95 New York, NY
MERCYFUL FATE- "The Oath" 2/18/95 Philadelphia, PA
MERCYFUL FATE- 1999 Denver, CO (2xCD)
METALLICA- "Metal Up Your Ass" (Demos `82 - `84)
METALLICA- "Night of the Rivvit-Heads" Live, Demo & Rehearsals from `83
METALLICA- "Cliff's First Show" 1983 Reel to Reel Open Air
METALLICA- 4/9/83 Brooklyn, NY (Dave's last show)
METALLICA- 2/11/84 Zoole, Netherlands
METALLICA- 2/6/85 Minneapolis, MN
METALLICA- 3/15/85 Kabuki Theater, San Francisco, CA
METALLICA- 9/14/85 Rheine, Germany
METALLICA- 5/24/86 Cape Girardeau, MO
METALLICA- 5/30/86 Davenport, IA
METALLICA- "Almost the Last Gig" 9/25/86 Lund, Sweden (2xCD)
METALLICA- "Cliffs Last Show" 9/86 Sweden
METALLICA- 1987 Gothenburg, Sweden
METALLICA- 8/20/87 London England (secret club gig) (2xCD)
METALLICA- "Unsurpassed Demos" Demos from Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and ...And Justice For All Albums as well as a few other rare tracks. (2 CD)
METALLICA- 4/7/92 Philadelphia, PA (2-3 CD)
METALLICA- "Garage Days Pt. 2" includes rehearsals from `82, various rare demo tracks and live covers featuring members of the original bands.
MINISTRY- 9/4/92 U.S.A.
MISCREANT INVOCATION (pre Vomit Remains)- Promo/Demo `97
MISFITS- "The Complete Singles 77-82"
MISFITS- 1981 New York, NY
MISFITS- "Necronomicon" 12/25/81 Passaic, NJ + Bonus tracks
MISFITS- "Demonomania Club" 10/29/83 Detroit, MI, 3/27/82 New York, NY, 12/25/81 Passaic, NJ (2xCD)
MISFITS- "Beyond Evil" Demos and outtakes
MISFITS- "Al's Bar `82" California
MOAT- "Black Fucking Metal" (Demo `02)
MONUMENTUM- "Musaeum Hermeticum" (Demo 1989)
MONUMENTUM- Split with Rotting Christ (MP3 Source)
MOONBLOOD- "My Evil Soul" (Rehearsal 1 Demo)
MOONBLOOD- "The Evil Rules" (Rehearsal 2 Demo)
MOONBLOOD- "Frozen Tears of A Vampire" (Rehearsal 3 Demo)
MOONBLOOD- Rehearsal 4 (42 Min)
MOONBLOOD- "Under the Cold Fullmoon" (Rehearsal 5)
MOONBLOOD- Rehearsal 6
MOONBLOOD- Rehearsal 7
MOONBLOOD- "Nosferatu" (Demo)
MOONBLOOD- "The Winter Falls Over the Land" (Demo)
MOONBLOOD- "Siegfried (Die Sage Vom Helden)" (Demo))
MOONBLOOD- "Dusk/Woerot" (Demo)
MOONBLOOD- "Unpure Desires of Diabolical Lust" Rehearsal 9 (82 Min)
MOONBLOOD- "Worshippers of the Grim Sepulchral Moon" Rehearsal 11 (82 Min)
MOONBLOOD- 1998 Rehearsal 12 (90 Min)
MOONBLOOD- Unreleased tracks/covers
MOONSPELL- "Anno Satanae" (Demo `93)
MORBID- "Live From the Past" (Live & Rehearsals)
MORBID- "Live" Date and location unknown
MORBID ANGEL- "Hometrack" Early rehearsal/demo? Dominated by Trey's solos
MORBID ANGEL- "Evil Demos" A collection of demos and rehearsals from `86 - `87
MORBID ANGEL- "Evil Live `86 - `88"
MORBID ANGEL- "Hellspawn" Demo#1
MORBID ANGEL- "Thy Kingdom Come" Demo#2
MORBID ANGEL- "Europen Madness" 12/2/89 Dortmund, Germany
MORBID ANGEL- "Live Madness Over Europe `89 - `91"
MORBID ANGEL- "Visions From the Live Side" 1990
MORBID ANGEL- "Leading the Rats" 12/15/90 Tillsburg, Holland
MORBID ANGEL (Trilogy of Destruction Vol. 2)- 5/20/91 Eindhoven, Holland
MORBID ANGEL- "Decline of Rome" 6/22/91 Rome, Italy (2 songs)
MORBID ANGEL- 10/8/91 Denver, CO
MORBID ANGEL- "Angel of Disease" 7/4/92 Bergum, Netherlands
MORBID ANGEL- 7/23/95 Old Bridge, NJ
MORBIUS- 10/28/00 North Arlington, NJ
MORGION- "Rabid Decay" (Demo `91)
MORKE SKOG- "Journey Through Emania" (Demo `97)
MORTUARY DRAPE- "Doom Returns" (Demo)
MORTUARY DRAPE- "Necromancy" (Demo `89)
MORTUARY DRAPE- 9/20/90 San Permo, Italy
MUTIILATION- Rehearsal 1993 (8 Min)
MUTIILATION- Rehearsal 1994 (18 Min)
MUTIILATION- "Satanist Stryke" (Demo)
MUTIILATION- "Rites Throught the Twilight of Hell" (Demo)
MUTIILATION- "Black Imperial Blood" (Demo)
MUTIILATION- "Under the Black Sun Festival" 7/6/01 Germandorf, Germany
MUTIILATION- 6/21/02 Unofficial Rehearsal
MY DYING BRIDE- "Towards the Sinister" Demo `91
MY DYING BRIDE- "God is Alone" 7" (91)
MY DYING BRIDE- "The Bitterness and the Bereavement" Rehearsal track 1992
MY DYING BRIDE/ANATHEMA- split with rare and cover tracks
MY DYING BRIDE- 2002 Wacken open Air Fest
MYSTERIIS- Demo 1998
MYSTICAL FROST- "Redemption of Fears" (Demo `97)
MYSTICUM- "Wintermass" (Demo)
MYSTICUM- "Medussa's Tears" (Demo)
MYTHIC- "The Immortal Realm" (Demo `91)
MYTHOS- "Revenge" (demo)