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GALADRIEL- "The Mirror of Ages" (Demo `97)
GENERAL SURGERY- "Erosive Offals" Demo `90
GENITORTURERES- 5/5/94 Philadelphia, PA
GENITORTURERES- 5/6/94 Asbury Park, NJ
GESTAPO 666- "Gestapo of Satan" (Demo)
GESTAPO 666- "Satanic Gestapo" (Demo)
GOATHRONE- "...For His Glory" (Demo)
GOATWHORE- 3/17/01 Asbury Park, NJ (feat. members of Soilent Green & Crowbar)
GOATWHORE- 4/13/01 St.Louis, MO
GODDESS OF DESIRE- "Symbol of Triumph" (Demo)
GODFLESH- 1989 England
GODLESS- "Massacre and Holocaust" (Demo `97)
GORATH- "Haunting the December Chords" (Demo 2003)
GOREAPHOBIA- 4/21/01 Stroudsburg, PA
GORGOROTH/BURZUM- "Demos/Unreleased/Live"
GORGOROTH- 10/4/93 Rehearsal
GORGOROTH- 2004 Inferno Fest, Oslo, Norway
GOTHICA- "Proserpina" (Demo `98)
GRAND BELIALS KEY- "Goat of A Thousand Young" (Demo #1 `92)
GRAND BELIALS KEY- "Triumph of the Hordes" (Demo #2 `94)
GRAND BELIALS KEY- "A Witness To the Regicide" (Demo #3 `96)
GRAND BELIALS KEY- 10/28/00 North Arlington, NJ
GRAND BELIALS KEY- 4/21/01 Stroudsburg, PA
GRAND BELIALS KEY- 7/14/01 Clifton, NJ (incomplete)
GRAND BELIALS KEY- 7/18/03 The Phantasy, Lakewood, OH
GRAVEYARD- "Slabfest" (Demo `92)
GREAT VAST FOREST- "Where the Warriors Ride" (Demo 1999)
GROTESQUE- "The Black Gate is Closed" Demo 1989 (MP3 Source)


HADES- Demo `83
HADES- Demo `86
HALLOW'S EVE- "Tales of Terror" Demo
HATE- Demo 1 9/01
HATE- Demo 2 10/01
HATRED (VA)- Demo `98
HAVOHEJ- "Unholy Darkness and Impurity" (Demo`93)
HEATHEN- "Pray For Death" Demo
HEATHEN- Demo `88 (With Paul Baloff on vocals)
HELLHAMMER- "Triumph of Death" Demo compilation
HELLHAMMER- "Satanic Rites" 12/83 Switzerland
HELLKULT- "The Christian Holocaust" (Demo #1, 1998)
HELLKULT/FOG(Fin/ITL)- "Supreme War" (Split Demo)
HELLKULT- "Of Pure Heathen Blood" (Demo)
HELLOWEEN- 1984 Demo
HELLOWEEN- 1985 Hamburg, Germany
HELLOWEEN- 6/17/85 Bochum, Germany
HELLOWEEN- "Reptile" 4/20/86 Eindhoven, Holland
HELLOWEEN- 7/7/86 Gelsenkirchen, West Gemany
HELLOWEEN- "All Hallows Eve" (A differently mastered version of 7/7/86, see above)
HELLOWEEN- 4/6/87 Hamburg, Germany
HELLOWEEN- 1988 Hammersmith, England (2xCD)
HEMLOCK- 10/28/00 North Arlington, NJ
HORNA- "Varjoisa" Demo 1995 (20 Min)
HORNA- 2/96 Rehearsal (25 Min)
HYPOCRISY- 4/10/02 London, England
HYPOCRISY- 2002 Waldrock Festival


ILL DISOSED- Demo 1994
ILL DISPOSED- 12/2/94 Skoulunde, Denkark
ILL DISPOSED- 8/29/95 Munich, Germany
IMMOLATION- 3/17/01 Asbury Park, NJ
IMMORTAL- (As Amputation) "Achive the Mutilation" 1989 (Demo #1)
IMMORTAL- (As Amputation) "Slaughtered In the Arms of God" 1990 (Demo #2)
IMMORTAL- (As Amputation) "Suffocate" Demo
IMMORTAL- "Presto Fortissimo" Demo 1991
IMMORTAL- "Live Zanndam" 1994 Zanndam, Netherlands
IMMORTAL- 1998 Lyon, Frace
IMMORTAL- 4/10/02 London, England
IMPALED NAZARENE- "Shemhamforash" (Demo `91)
IMPALED NAZARENE/BEHERIT- "Day of Darkness Festival" 1991 Finland
IMPALED NAZARENE- "Live In the Name of Satan" Two shows from`93
IMPALED NAZARENE- 11/23/94 Finland (2 songs)
IMPALED NAZARENE- 4/21/95 Merksplas, Belgium (sb)
IMPALED NAZARENE- 7/24/98 Milwaukee, WI (Metalfest)
IMPALED NAZARENE- 7/29/98 Philadelphia, PA
INFERNAL MAJESTY- "Creation of Chaos" (Demo `91)
INSISION- "Meant to Suffer" (Demo #1 `98)
IN THE WOODS- "Isle of Men" (demo)
IN THE WOODS- Official Rehearsal 1993
IRON MAIDEN- "Maiden Music Machine `79" 9/10/79 London, England
IRON MAIDEN- 1979 Demo (Not Soundhouse Tapes)
IRON MAIDEN- 10/5/79 London, England
IRON MAIDEN- "Reading Rock" 8/23/80 Reading Festival, England Full set
IRON MAIDEN- "Tiffany's `80" 2/4/80 Edinburgh, Scotland
IRON MAIDEN- "Before the Exile" 6/20/80 London, England
IRON MAIDEN- "Revelations at the Rainbow" 6/20/80 London, England
IRON MAIDEN- "Live at the Rainbow" 12/21/80 London, England
IRON MAIDEN- 2/28/81 Odeon Theatre- Taunton, England
IRON MAIDEN- 3/31/81 "Live in Reggo Emilia"
IRON MAIDEN- 4/2/81 Gorizia, Italy
IRON MAIDEN- 4/3/81 Turin, Italy
IRON MAIDEN- 4/20/81 Saarbrucken, Germany (this may not be accurate)
IRON MAIDEN- "Killing Time" 4/28/81 Nigmegen, Holland
IRON MAIDEN- 5/23/81 Nagoya, Japan
IRON MAIDEN- 5/24/81 Tokyo, Japan
IRON MAIDEN- 6/22/81 Milwaukee, WI
IRON MAIDEN- 6/26/81 Point East, Lynwood, IL
IRON MAIDEN- 6/28/81 Largo, MD
IRON MAIDEN- 7/26/81 Allentown, PA
IRON MAIDEN- 9/8/81 Stockholm, Sweden
IRON MAIDEN- 9/9/81 Lund, Sweden (Paul's second to last show with Maiden)
IRON MAIDEN- 10/26/81 Bologna, Italy (Bruce's first show with Maiden)
IRON MAIDEN- "Breaking in Bruce" 10/30/81 Milan, Italy
IRON MAIDEN- "Rainbow Warriors" 11/15/81 London, England (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- 12/23/81 Ruskin Arms, London England (Surprise show)
IRON MAIDEN- "Ghengis at the Ruskin" 12/23/81 London England (same show as above with slightly better sound, also includes the soundcheck with the first known recording of Hallowed be thy Name) (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- 3/24/82 Paris, France
IRON MAIDEN- 6/29/82 "Live at New York Palladium"
IRON MAIDEN- 10/22/82 East Rutherford, NJ
IRON MAIDEN- "Pieces of Stockholm" 5/5/83 Stockholm, Sweden (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- 5/26/83 Hammersmith, England (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- "Revelations" 5/26/83 Hammersmith, England (2xCD) (same show as above)
IRON MAIDEN- 9/5/83 Toronto, Canada (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- 11/25/83 Madrid Spain (2xCD) (mp3 sourced)
IRON MAIDEN- 12/18/83 "Live at Westfallenhalle, Dortmund"
IRON MAIDEN- "The Metal Years: 1978 - 1983" (Includes the Soundhouse tapes, BBC sessions from '79, Top of the Pops `80 and Bruce's demo for I.M. etc.)
IRON MAIDEN- "Doin' My Job" 8/22/84 Arna Di Taggia, Italy
IRON MAIDEN- 10/12/84 London, England (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- 11/26/84 Quebec, Canada (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- "Invasion of Rarities" Various live and studio recordings `78 - `84
IRON MAIDEN- 12/19/85 London, U.K. playing under assumed name "Entire Population of Hackney" (Set only includes two I.M. songs.)
IRON MAIDEN- "When It's Time To Rock" 10/8/86 Bristol, England (2x CD)
IRON MAIDEN- 11/22/86 Hanover
IRON MAIDEN- 12/16/86 Milan, Italy (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- 1/13/87 Philadelphia, PA (complete show!!!) (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- Under name Charlotte & the Harlots 8/20/88 London, England (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- "War Machine" 12/18/90 London, England
IRON MAIDEN- "Fear of Mexico" 10/2/92 Mexico City, Mexico (2x CD)
IRON MAIDEN- "High Vaultage" (2x CD) (Rare live and studio tracks `79-`95)
IRON MAIDEN- "Eternal Flame" 11/1/95 Gothenburg, Sweden & 11/5/95 Glasgow, Scotland
IRON MAIDEN- "Virtual Buenos Aires" 12/3/98 Buenos Aires, Argentina (2x CD)
IRON MAIDEN- 7/16/99 "New York to Midnight" New York, NY (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- 8/7/99 "Happy Birthday Bruce" San Antonio, TX 2xCD
IRON MAIDEN- "Dynamo 2000" 6/3/00 Nijmegen, Holland (Complete version) (2x CD)
IRON MAIDEN- "Stockholm 2000" 6/27/00 Stockholm, Sweden (2x CD)
IRON MAIDEN- "Live at Roskilde" 6/29/00 Roskilde, Denmark (Full show) (2x CD)
IRON MAIDEN- 8/5/00 New York, NY (VCD not Audio) (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- 8/9/00 Portland, ME (VCD not Audio!) (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- 1/15/01 Chile (2xCD)
IRON MAIDEN- 7/29/03 Columbia, MD (2xCD)


JUDAS ISCARIOT-"Under the Black Sun" 7/8/00 Gransee, Germany (five live tracks + 1 unreleased studio track)


KATAFALK- Promo/Demo (2001)
KATATONIA- 19?? Rehearsal
KATATONIA- 1992 Rehearsal
KATATONIA- 1992 Rehearsal
KATATONIA- "Jhava Elohim Meth...The Revival" (Demo)
KATATONIA- "Moonbride" Rarities and Mini CD collection from 1993-1998
KATATONIA- 11/13/01 Paris, France
KATATONIA- 12/4/01 London, England (not yet for trade, waiting for a clean copy)
KATATONIA- 12/7/01 Live at Shelter, Dublin, Ireland
KATATONIA- "Pulse Guided" 4/9/03 Wrockaw, Poland
KATATONIA- 4/25/03 Barcelona, Spain @ KGB
KEEP OF KALESSIN- "Skygger Au Sorg" (Demo)
KING DIAMOND- 8/30/86 Brooklyn, NY
KING DIAMOND- 7/9/87 West Hartford, CT
KING DIAMOND- 2/13/90 Bonn
KREATOR (Tormentor)- "Blitkreig" Demo 1983
KREATOR (Tormentor)- Rehearsal 1984
KREATOR- 1986 Germany
KREATOR- 3/5/00 Moscow, Russia
KRISTALLNACHT- "War Spirit" (Demo)
KULT- "3 Way Split of Violence" (Incomplete)


LAAZ ROCKIT- "Frisco's Gonna Burn" 7/13/84 San Francisco, CA, Demo, and 1988 Dynamo Fest. Eindhoven, Holland
LAIBACH- "M.B. December 24, 1984"
LATHEBRA- "Angels' Twilight Odes" (Demo `97)
LEGACY (TESTAMENT)- "A Legacy of Terror" (Demo)
LEGACY (TESTAMENT)- 11/23/85 Berkley, CA
LEGION OF DOOM- "The Desecration" (Demo)
LIMBONIC ART- Promo 1996 (cuts short?)
LORD BELIAL- "The Art of Dying" (Demo)
LUST- "Demo 1" (Demo)
LUST- "3 Way Split of Violence"
LUST- "Apocalyptic Torment" (Demo 10/99)
LUST- "Holocaust Whore Hell Slut" (demo 7/99)
LUST- "Live For Violence" unknown date and location