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Montreal abandonned buildings

Redpath sugars

Canada Malting


Northern-Electric co.

Stelco/Montreal Steel

Dominion Textile Co.

STCUM garage/Montreal Tramways

Jenkins Valves

Abandoned lofts

Harpel Press

Dominion Engeneering


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Welcome!. South-west Montreal was until the 60s the industrial hart of Montreal.It had the highest density of industrial buildings in Canada.Huge factories were then built along the banks of the then opened Canal Lachine.

This canal closed in 1959.From then,most of the factories closed like dominoes.Dominion Textile, Stelco, Redpath, Northern Electric, Sherwin Williams, Coleco, Simmons Bed,etc to name only a few.The east of Lachine canal,once the earth of Canada,is now a ghost town.

Saint-henri lost most of its population,going from 55,000 to 16,000 today,Verdun from 76,000 to 41,000,Pointe-Saint-Charles from 20,000 to 4,000,Ville-Émard from 21,000 to 12,000.This desolate area also extends itself out of Montreal,also in the city Lachine,where you can now find several abandonned factories and houses

The city of Montreal did invest alot of money into the South-west of Montreal,and it seems to work in some ways,along the canal,many factories are beeing restored into lofts&others.


The buildings's pages are now beeing revised for better and updated infos.Also,many new pictures&buildings coming soon.