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England.....It's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't wanna live there!!!

Hey folks how's it going? So here's The Chach's low-down on England. Some of my thoughts on England. I think the coolest thing is the Pubs. They are so different then anything in Canada. Everybody who goes there knows you and its great. You sit around on couches and comfy chairs, or you can sit at tables. They have fireplaces in them and most of them have pool tables. The only American beer they have is Budweiser, and the only Canadian beers are Labatt products. The towns themselves are very nice and every town has a store, a church, and a pub. Everything is green with all the moisture there because moss grows everywhere. They have a lot of American companies there, for instance they have: McDonalds, Burger King, Staples, Pizza Hut, and HMV for example. Driving on the wrong side of the road just fucks everything up, its crazy making turns it just throws you off. My favorite thing there is Stonehenge. I think that it is just completely amazing. Who did those people get those 15 ton rocks on top of those other rocks. For a visual check out the pics. I also went to Old Trafford to check out where Manchester United play soccer, and the place was amazing. For a quick look check out the Old Trafford picture. Windsor Castle was nice but I really didn't like looking at a bunch of old furniture. The only thing in the place that was worth looking at was the weapons room. Seeing all the old swords and guns was really interesting. There were swords with jewels in them they were amazing. Well for more info check back at a later date.

Here is Some England Pics!!

Town of Northam
Stonehenge 2
Stonehenge 3
Windsor Castle
Old Trafford
A Pub
A Narrow Street
The Coast
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