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The Chach's Bio

Hey what's up, my name is Mike Northam, but my friends call me The Chach. The pic is of my tattoo. I'm from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I'm 25 years old and I graduated from the University of Manitoba. I took my degree in Marketing and graduated in December 2002. To see some of my top 5 favorite whatevers go to Top 5 things link from the main page. My interets include: playing guitar, listening to music, going to the bar, watching movies and just having a blast. My favorite types of music is 70's rock and hard rock. I currently have a wife and her name is Jenn and to find out more about her click on JENN on the main page. Some of my good friends include Wayne, Wever, Cory S, Chris, Rich, Corey, Elrick, Alan, Sammy, Tanya, and Katie. Sorry to the others that I have left off. Best trip that I've had so far is to Minneapolis where I saw WWF SummerSlam 99. Where we had first row in the stands. We were no more then 25 feet from the ring, it kicked ass. I have posted some of the pics from the trip in my pics page. I went there on a bus tour with Bonne, Barch, and Beezer. I went to Florida for christmas 2002, and it was cool. I went to Disney world, Universal Studies, Seaworld, and a lot of other touristy places. I went to Tampa and saw the Lightning play the New York Rangers, seeing an NHL game for the first time since the Jets left in 1996. I went to Hawai'i in November of 2004 and had a blast laying on the beach all day long. Well enough yapping about myself just check out the rest of the web page and if you like anything or if you don't like anything just email the address at the bottom of the page and I'll reply with answers. IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLL WHAT THE CHACH............IS COOKING?!?

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