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Note: Each If You Win The Award You It Will Not Say Sample or Nominee.
This Just Prevents People From Stealing The Image and Placing it On There Page.)
You can enter for this month here

Previous winners were:

  • December 2000: Metallica Tabs Online
  • November 2000:
  • October 2000: Metallica Mayhem
  • September 2000: Fade To Black
  • August 2000: Metallica Rules

    If you have a Metallica Site and want to win this award and want to win this award your site must meet these requirements:

  • Your site must have at least one page dedicated to Metallica (preferiably the entire site, but i'll take all sites)
  • Your site must recieve at least 25 visitors a day (unless your site is regestered with its own domain name ex- (if you are unsure, just summit your site anyways)
  • Your site must have at least 10 different pages to it

    Other about the award:
  • You can enter for the award up to 4 times
  • Visitors to your site will do the voting. If you enter, you will recieve a code to place on your site. When visitors click it you will recieve one vote. Good Luck.
  • If you even think that your site wont qualify, just send it anyways, because you never no

    So, if you have a Metallica Site and want to win for this month, click here and enter. If for some reason you have a problem fill out the form below and I will enter you if you qualify.

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