Metallica is: James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Jason Newsted, and Kirk Hammett

Formed: 1981

First show: Radio City in Anaheim, CA on March 14,1982

Number of albums: 9

1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989
1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999


1981: Metallica formed in Los Angeles when Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield met from the help of a paper called The Recycler. Both James and Lars put an add in the same paper they met and formed Metallica.


January 1982: Later old band members Ron McGovney their bass player, and Dave Mustaine their lead guitarist.

April 1982: Metallica (James, Lars, Dave, and Ron) record a 4-song demo featuring "Hit The Lights", "The Mechanix," "Jump In The Fire" and "Motorbreath." sowing the seeds for Metallica's next demo.

July 1982: Metallica records "No Life 'Till Leather," featuring the songs from their first demo as well as "Metal Militia," "Seek And Destroy," and "Phantom Lord." After this demo the metal underground considers Metallica "Gods."

August 1982: Cliff Burton and his band Trauma play at the Whiskey A Go Go, Where James and Lars found him. They are so impressed with Cliff that they want him to be in Metallica. He refuses. Later on that year Cliff agrees to join only if Metallica relocate to San Francisco.

November 29, 1982: Metallica play as the headliner in the Bay Area. The supporting act was Exodus featuring Kirk Hammett. Kirk was 20 years old at the time.

November 30, 1982: Metallica plays their last concert with Ron at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco.

December 1982: James, Lars, and Dave move to San Francisco.


January 1983: Johnny "Z" Zazula, a record store owner/concert promoter in New Jersey invites Metallica to come down and so some shows on the East Coast

February 1983: The band now with Cliff Burton records a two-track demo featuring the songs "No Remorse" and "Whiplash."

March 5, 1983: Metallica plays first show with Cliff at the Stone in San Francisco.

Late March 1983: Metallica, with Mark make a 3,000+ miles trip to the East Coast. On the way over Metallica and Dave have many arguments, mostly because of Dave's alcohol intake.

April 1983: In New York, James and Lars decide to kick Dave Mustaine out of the band. Following a series of shows with Vandenberg and The Rods on the East Coast, Dave gets sent home via Greyhound bus, and Kirk Hammett of Exodus is flown in as a replacement.

May 10-27, 1983: Metallica records "Kill Em All" in the Barrett Alley Studios in Rochester, New York.

July 1983: "Kill Em All" is released on Megaforce Records in the USA, and Music For Nations and Roadrunner in Europe.

July 27-September 3, 1983: Metallica start their first tour with another band on their label, Raven, which starts in New Brunswick and ends with a sold-out show at the stone in San Francisco.

December 1983: Metallica starts work for their second album in New Jersey. The songs put together were "Fade To Black" "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and "Trapped Under Ice." On the weekends, Metallica plays a series of headlining shows with Anthrax, After the last show, most of Metallica's gear was stolen.


Early February 1984: Metallica embark on the Seven Dates Of Hell tour supporting Venom. The highlight of the tour is at the Aardschok festival in Zwolle, Holland, where they played in front of 5,000 fans.

Late February 1984: Metallica goes to Copenhagen, where they stay at Merciful Fate's rehearsal rooms, where they work on tracks for the next album. The band joins up with producer Flemming Rasmussen at Sweet Silence Studios in the same building to begin recording the LP.

March 1984: Metallica takes a break from recording their next album to head to England, where Music For Nations has organized a tour as support to The Rods. However, as soon as the band arrives in the UK, they learn that the tour had been cancelled because of poor advance ticket sales. Un-able to re-enter Sweet Silence to complete work on the LP, Metallica plays two sold out shows at the Marquee club in London on March 14 and 27.

June 1984: Metallica finished on Ride The Lightning and plays four shows with Twisted Sister.

August 1984: Metallica play at concert in New York, featuring Anthrax (openers) and Raven (headliners). Attending the show are Cliff Burnsteind, co-founder of Q-Prime Management, and Michael Alago, A&R director, of Elektra Records, both of whom walk away suitably impressed with Metallica. Soon, Metallica becomes part of Q-Prime Management, as well as recording artist for Elektra. Initially issued through the Megaforce label, Ride The Lightning is eventually re-released through Elektra.

November 18-December 20, 1984: Metallica start first major European tour, with Tank supporting, in Paris, France, and ending at the Lyceum in London. An average of 1,300 fans turns up for each show.


Early 1985: The first three months of the year are spent co-headling with W.A.S.P., with Ammored Saint supporting. Then Metallica play as the Headliners.

May-July, 1985: Metallica take a break from touring before starting their work on new album.

August, 1985: On the 17, Metallica play in between Ratt and Bon Jovi at the Castle Donnington festival in England, in front of more that 70,000 people. A week latter they perform in front of more that 90,000 people in Oakland, California at the Days On The Green festival. The next day, Lars goes to Copenhagen to start working on drum tracks for the next album, joining up with the rest of the crew a couple of days later.

December 27, 1985: Metallica finish their third album, Master Of Puppets, and then returned to San Francisco California.


New Year's Eve, 1986: Metallica plays the Civic Centre in San Francisco, with Megadeth, (first and last time) Metal Church and Exodus.

January, 1986: Master Of Puppets is mixed in L.A. under guidance of Michael Wagenar, followed by a press tour of Europe, which Lars takes care of. While Lars talks about the record across the Atlantic, James and Cliff form a band called Spastic Children, featuring Fred Cotton on vocals, Jack McDaniel on guitar, Cliff on Bass, and James drumming.

February, 1986: James and Lars head to the Bahamas for a brief vacation after the release of Master Of Puppets.

March, 1986: Master Of Puppets gets released, then a tour in the states supporting Ozzy Osbourne, beginning on March 27. This was the last tour that Metallica would be a supporting act.

June 26, 1986: James breaks a wrist trying to skateboard down a hill. All dates remaining on the tour had James only singing while Kirk's roadie. John Marshall is on rhythm.

September 10, 1986: Metallica headline London's legendary Hammersmith Odeon, with Anthrax again but this time as a supporting.

September 27, 1986: Cliff Burton is killed in a bus crash on the way to Copenhagen. At the time Metallica was sleeping on their rout bus. Kirk and Cliff had a card game to decide who would get to sleep in Kirk’s bed. Kirk lost the game and Cliff got to sleep in the bed. All the other band members were not injured in the crash.

October, 1986: The rest of the band returns to America with disbelief. Soon the group starts to audition new bassists. Jason Newsted from Flotsam and Jetsam fills the place. Jason was auditioned with over 40 other bass players. Jason had won and took over Cliff’s place in the band.

November 8, 1986: Metallica play first show with Jason at the Country Club in L.A.

November 9-14, 1986: Metallica begins a tour with Metal Church supporting in Canada and the East Coast of America.


January-February, 1987: Metallica and Metal Church tour Europe, playing East Europe for the first time, ending in Gothenburg, Sweden on February 13.

May 1987: James breaks his arm while skateboarding, for a while playing Europe's annual Monsters Of Rock festival in August becomes questionable.

August, 1987: Metallica warm up for Monsters Of Rock at London's 100 club. Metallica plays 3 shows at Donnington, Nurnberg and Pfordsheim in front of more than 200,000 people. Later that month, they release Garage Days Re-Revisited.

December 4, 1987: Metallica put out a video titled "Cliff Em All" a tribute to Cliff. The video was a huge success. The video contains a collection of bootleg and unprofessional recordings show during 1982-86. Within 2 months it goes both platinum and gold. By the end of 1988 it becomes the year's top-selling music home video.


January 19, 1988: Metallica begin the recording their fourth album, ...And Justice For All. This was the first time Jason officially recorded a real studio album with Metallica.

May, 1988: Metallica complete recording process of And Justice For All and begin mixing while preparing 2 month tour as part of the US Monsters Of Rock package. May 27 tour begins in East Troy, Wisconsin.

July 1988: Master of Puppets, Metallica’s 3rd album, goes platinum.

September 5, 1988: And Justice for All is released.

November 15, 1988: US tour begins in Toledo, Ohio, with Queensryche opening for them.

December 6, 1988: The band film their fir-ever video, One, in L.A. a day before the first of their two-night appearance at the Long Beach Arena.


January 9, 1989: One single is released in USA.

February 22, 1989: Metallica play "One" on national TV as part of the Grammy Awards, where the band was nominated in the Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Group. But lost to Jethro Tull.

June 20, 1989: Metallica releases home video, 2 of One. Also …And Justice for All goes double platinum.


July-September, 1990: Metallica begin work on their 5th album, Metallica.

October 14, 1990: Metallica records demo for the Unforgiven.


August 12, 1991: "The Black Album" is released, within a week of release, it sells over 600,000 units in the US alone, debuting at #1 on the Billboard Pop Chart.

February 1991: Metallica wins a Grammy for "Best Heavy Metal Performance" for their rendition of Queen's "Stone Cold Crazy" From Elektra's Rubaiyat compilation

October 12, 1991: Wherever I May Roam Tour Begins.


February 25, 1992: Metallica wins best Heavy Metal Grammy.

Summer 1992: Metallica tour with Guns N Roses.

August 8 1992: James was burned by a pyro display. A riot starts after concert from Guns N Roses walking off stage.


November 23, 1993: Live Sh*t: Binge & Purge box set released. Also the Metallica Club formed.


October 1994: Lars and James begin work on Load


February 1995: Metallica and Bob Rock enter The Plant in Sausalito, California to begin recording load. They come up with enough to fill a double album and debate on what to do, they decide to release load as a 70 minute long CD and wait a year to release the other CD.


June 4, 1996: Load is released.

November 18, 1996: The single Mama Said is released worldwide.


January 17, 1997: King Nothing video is premiered.

January 26, 1997: Lars got married to his long time girlfriend Skylar.

October 10, 1997: Anton Corbijn took pictures of Metallica live for the booklet for ReLoad.

October 20 & 21, 1997: The band shot the "Memory remains" video at the Van Nuys Airport in LA.

November 12, 1997: Memory Remains single released in North America.

November 18, 1997: ReLoad is released in North America.

December 6, 1997: Metallica performed live on Saturday Night Live.


May 7, 1998: The video for Fuel was shot in Tokyo.

June 13, 1998: Cali Tee Hetfield is born.

October 23, 1998: The music video, Turn the Page, was shot.

November 23, 1998: Garage Inc., a 2-disc album is released in all countries except in North America.

November 24, 1998: Metallica releases Garage Inc in North America. This album featured Metallica covering other bands songs such as The Misfits, Thin Lizzy, Diamond Head and others.


April 14, 1999: Metallica launches a new design of

April 21 and 22 1999: Metallica plays two special shows with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

November 19, 1999: S&M is released in Japan. Metallica plays a show with a symphony in Berlin Germany.

November 23, 1999: Metallica releases there next album, S&M, which featured Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra playing some of Metallica’s greatest hits, along with another two new songs. Also, Metallica plays at Madison Square Garden with the Saint Luke’s Symphony Orchestra.

December 20 1999: Word out Metallica thinking about releasing a single for the upcoming movie "Mission Impossible 2"


February 21, 2000: Metallica wins a Grammy from Whisky in the Jar. This is Metallica’s fifth Grammy.

April 14, 2000: Metallica files a lawsuit against for copyright infringement.

May 9, 2000: Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack hits stores. Metallica has there first ever single on a movie soundtrack, I Disappear.

Summer 2000: Metallica tours the US with Korn, Kid Rock, Powerman 5000, and System of a Down on the Summer Sanitarium Tour.

July 4, 2000: A 21-year-old man fell 80 feet to his death during a stop on the Summer Sanitarium Tour in Baltimore.

July 11, 2000: Lars addresses the US Senate on addressing the issue of MP3’s. Metallica felt that they should be illegal since artists do not get paid for they’re efforts.

July 18, 2000: Metallica played at "secret show" at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles in front of 1000 surprised contest winners and played a 90 minute show.

July 20, 2000: Metallica headlines a Show in Giants Stadium, "Metallica Tattoos the Earth."

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