Metallica World - Equipment


ESPs are configured with 2 volume knobs (one per pickup) and 3 way toggle switch

Black Explorer - Man into Wolf inlays
Black Explorer - Snake inlays
Black Explorer - Deer Skull inlays
Black Explorer - Woodburned Elk Skull and Barbed Wire inlays
Black Explorer - Dot inlays
Black Explorer - Eagle inlays
Black Explorer - National Rifle Association inlays
Black Explorer - "FUK EM UP"
Black JH-1a Flying V - Red Hot Rod flames
Black JH-1b Flying V - Green Hot Rod flames
Black JH-2 Explorer - Diamond Plate - Elk inlays
Black JH 3 Rounded Top Horizon - Flag inlays
White Explorer - "EET FUK" (1st ESP)
White Explorer - Dot inlays (favorite ESP)

Other Guitars Used For On-Stage:

White Gibson Explorer
Ken Lawrence Explorer
Fender reissue '52 Telecaster w/Parsons-White B-Bender
National ResoLectric
1963 Gibson SG - Cherry Red

Other Guitars Used For Recording/Non-Stage:

1966 Martin D-28 (acoustic)
Late '50's Gibson Les Pauls - Sunburst Standard
Late '50's Gibson Les Pauls - Gold Top
Late '50's Gibson Les Pauls - Custom

James's broken Guitars:

Epiphone Flying V
Black Double-Neck Explorer - Ducks inlays


Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 Power Amps
Mesa Boogie Mark IV
Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp (Stock)
Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp (Modified)
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
Mesa Boogie Custom Graphic E.Q. Unit
Mesa Boogie Amp Switcher
Mesa Boogie 4x12 Speaker Cabinets
Roland JC 120
Celestion Vintage 30w Speakers


Bradshaw RSB-12 Switching System and Pedal Board
Bradshaw Patch Bay Custom
Boss SE-50 Stereo FX Processor
Juice Goose Rack Power 300
Aphex Parametric E.Q.
Morley Rack Mount Unit Custom
Peterson 520 Strobe Tuner


Ernie Ball Strings (.010-.046)
Gibson Strings


Dunlop Green Tortex .88 mm Guitar Picks
EMG Pickups (81 Bridge, 60 Neck)

Other Equipment:

Sony 820 Wireless Receivers and Transmitters
Nady 950 UHF Receivers and Transmitters
Pro Co Sound Cables
Ascot Road Cases
Ultra Case Guitar Stand
Earth III Guitar Straps
Silver Bullet (Extra Cold)



WaveCaster - Wave Machine
M-II - Fuck You
KH-1 - Flying V - Devil inlays
KH-2a - M-II - Skull & Crossbones I
KH-2a - M-II - Skull & Crossbones II
KH-2b - M-II - Ouija
KH-2b - M-II - Ouija II
KH-2c - M-II - Boris Karloff Mummy graphic
KH-3 - Eclipse - Pushead Spider graphic
Semi-Acoustic Eclipse

Other Guitars Used For On-Stage:

Dan Electro U2
Fender Stratocaster - cream
Fernandes Flying V
Fernandes Stratocaster
Gibson Flying V #1 - black
Gibson Flying V #2 - red
Gibson Flying V #3 - black
Gibson Chet Atkins Accoustic/Electric
Gibson Les Paul Custom - black
Gibson Les Paul Standard - cherry burst
Jackson Randy Rhodes Custom
Jackson Soloist
Ibanez RG470
Tom Anderson Stratocaster

Other Guitars Only Used For Recording/Non-Stage:

Fender Stratocaster S.R.V. - black
Fender Stratocaster - natural finish
Fender Stratocaster - seafoam green
Parker Fly
All Aluminum Roswell Randy Rhoads Flying V
Gibson Super 400
1963 Gold Fender Stratocaster
1958 Gibson Flying V
1960 Gibson Explorer
Early Gibson Les Paul


Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 power amps
Mesa Boogie MK IV amp
Mesa Boogie 4 x 12 speaker cabinets
Mesa Boogie Triaxis preamp
Mesa Boobie Dual Rectifier
Marshall JMP-1
Marshall 4 x 12 speaker cabinets
Marshall practice amps
Custom Audio Electronics preamp
ADA MP-1 preamp


EMB Audio Remote Wah units
EMB/Ernie Ball Wah Pedals-custom
Multiple Foot Pedals Custom Rackmount
Rocktron RSB-18F pedal boards
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Bradshaw Switching System
Bradshaw Patch Bay Custom

Other Equipment:

Roland VG-8
Furman power strips
Nady 1200 Wireless receivers and transmitters
Alesis Data Disk
Juice Goose power strip
Eventide H3000 SE
Boss SE-50
Rocktron Juice Extractor
Aphex Parametric E.Q.
Rocktron Patchmate
Ascot Road cases
Dunlop pedals
Pro-Co sound cables
Peterson 520 strobe tuner
Floyd Rose Tremelo Systems
Whirlwind channel boxes
Ultra guitar stands
R & R road cases
DiMarzio guitar straps


Dean Markley strings


Dunlop Green Tortex .88 mm Guitar Picks
EMG 81 Pickups


Current Drumkits:

Acoustic drumkit
Warm-up drumkit
Studio drumkit

Former Drumkits:

TAMA Camco drumkit
TAMA ImperialStar (silver/9 piece)
TAMA ImperialStar (maroon/9 piece)
TAMA ImperialStar (black/9 piece/ TBA studiokit)
TAMA Artstar II drumkit (9 piece)
TAMA Artstar II drumkit (7 piece)

Tama Hardware:

Tama Titan Cymbal Boom Stands HC104TB (x8)
Tama Iron Cobra Beat Pedal (x2)
Tama Titan HS90 Snare Stand (x1)
Tama Titan HT90 Throne (x1)
Tama Lever-Glide HH95NL Hi-Hat (x1)
Tama X-Hat HH95XH (x1)

Remo Drum Heads:

Tom Tom Batterheads: Remo Clear Pinstripes
Tom Tom Bottomheads: Remo Coated Ambassador
Snare Batterheads: Remo Coated CS Dot
Snare Bottomheads: Remo Ambassador Snare Resonant Head
Bass Drum Batterheads: Remo Clear Powerstroke 3 with Falam Slam kick pad

Other percussions:

Tambourines (acoustic part)


Easton Ahead Alloy Drumsticks


Sadowsky E-Bass Guitars:

Sadowsky - Lake Placid Blue Vintage
Sadowsky - Black Vintage - Ash body
Sadowsky - PJ - Cherry Sunburst
Sadowsky - PJ - Caramel Sunburst
Sadowsky - Vintage - Black (x2)
Sadowsky - Vintage - Cherry Sunburst
Sadowsky - Black Vintage - 24 Fret (x2)

Other Bass Guitars:

1958 Fender Prescision
1981 Spector NS (4 strings)
Zon fretless
1963 Gibson EB-3
Gibson EB-6 (6 strings)
1968 Fender Telecaster Paisley Bass
Chandler Metro Baritone
1933 National Dobro
Parker Fly guitar
Hagstrom 8 string
Music Man (4 strings)
Music Man (5 strings)
Stuart Spector Designs 4 - 5 - 6 strings
Hamer 8 string
Hamer 12 string

Rumored Bass Guitar:

Gene Simmons' Axe Bass


Mesa/Boogie 1x15 combo
Ampeg SVT cabinets
1974 Ampeg SVT head
Mesa/Boogie with SWR Heads
Gibson Skylark Guitar amp
Fender Folded Horn 1x18
Ampeg SVT Vintage
Ampeg SVT 8"x10" Cabinets
Ampeg ISO Vent 10"x15" Cabinets


Boss Flanger
MXR Phase 100
Korg G-5 Bass Synth Processor
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Alesis Mediverb II
BBE Sonic Masimizer
Morley Power Wah Boost


La Bella strings


Dunlop Tortex Blue Triangle

Cliff E-Basses:

Rickenbacker 4001
Alembic Spoiler
Aria Pro II


Mesa Boogie 4"x12" Cabinets & 1"x15" Cabinets


He always played only with his fingers


Morley Power Wah Boost

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