I would like to thank Metallica for being the best band of all time and inspiring me to create this page. Also I would like to thank Metallica Zone for letting me use some words from your page. Also The Metallica Archive for letting me use some of the Midi files. And Metallica Seize the Day for letting me use some content from your site. Also I want to thank Metallica Mayhem for giving me a few html codes to make the site look a little beter. And all those other kick ass Metallica sites that I forgot to thank.

This page was created all by Mike Taylor of Brick NJ.

The Story Behind Metallica World

Creator of Metallica World
Michael Taylor, the creator of Metallica World was born on 15 January 1985 (now currently 16) in Newington, New Hampshire. In early 1990, his step-brother, Joey Weist, let Mike listen to Metallica's first hit single "ONE". Since that day, Mike has been in love with Metallica's music. Back one day in mid July 2000, Mike had some extra time due to an injury. He was currently listining to "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" and he got the idea to spend most of the summer creating a website dedicated to Metallica. Less than a month later, Metallica World, was opened to the public. Since then, Mike has spent his spare time adding to his Kick-Ass Metallica Site, sharing his love of Metallica with the rest of the world. Metallica World is still curently an underground Metallica site, doing everything to attract visitors. Out of the entire time Metallica World has existed, not even a penny has been made. But much much more has been placed into the site, buying new software to make Metallica World what it is today.

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