Metallica World - Cliff Burton Tribute

Clifford Lee Burton was born in San Francisco on February 10th of 1962. Metallica discovered Cliff in August '82, when Trauma played at the Wiskey-A-Go-Go. Lars and James were very impressed by the way he played his bass. They set out on a grand pursuit to get Cliff to join there band, Metallica. Cliff went on to record 3 albums with Metallica before one tragic saturday morning. Around 5:15 in the morning, when metallica was on there way to a show in Copenhagen, there tour bus flipped over throwing Cliff out the window and under the bus. Cliff was killed instantly. The Police arrested the bus driver, merely by routine, and released him soon after because the true cause of the accident was and ice on the road. This episode was simply a tragic and cruel accident that killed the way Metallica was building. After this horiable tragedy, Metallica returned to the US without a bass guitarist. They had auditions for a new bassest. They interviewed over 40 different people. They chose Jason Newsted to take Cliffs place in the band.


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