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Hey bee-yatches. Welcome to my site! This site is dedicated to Korn and Korn fans as well. I have worked on re-desgning the site to everyone elses extent.

This site includes:

An About Korn section which includes info on each individual Korn member, like inside shit and all. It's also got what each member plays and how they got their nicknames.

A Biography section. It talks about the history of their albums and how they felt about it. It also says how the fans feel about and the talk that goes on between each of us.

Of course, all the lyrics to all of the Korn songs put on a full length album. I will try to get non-album lyrics up as soon as I can, such as Kick the PA and the Christmas Song.

A Discography section which tells you all of Korns songs, every single one of their singles. All the songs on the singles and all the different single albums for each song that has a single too it.

Tabs. We have tabs for almost all of the Korn Songs. We will also definately have bass tabs and guitar tabs for all of their songs. I regret to inform you, however, that due to a lack of space taken up by mp3 files, there may not be a full list of drum tabs, but there will definately be some.

We also have mp3 downloads with some of Korn's (in my opinion) best songs. I will not be putting up any more than there already are, I have run out of disk space to put up anymore, so please enjoy what we have.

Equipment and Gear. All the shit that Korn uses in concerts, jam sessions and practices. It's got all the effects pedals, Jon Davis' bagpipes plus tons more.

Links to other cool Korn sites that you should check out.

And one of the most important things, a message board for your comments, suggestions, compliments and oppinions about Korn and my site.

Don't forget to vote for us at the Korn Top 25. The link and picture is above!

Last Update: Jan. 12th, 2001: Need To, Divine, Daddy, Mr. Rogers, Kunt, BBK, 4U, Beg For Me, Make Me Bad, It's Gonna Go Away, Wake Up, Hey Daddy, Let's Get This Party Started and Dirty Tabs Put Up.