Strait Up Tribute>>

KoRn's Jonathan Davis will feature on the track ''Take it Back'' on the upcoming ''Strait Up'' album, a tribute to Lynn Strait from the former band Snot.
The album is set for release on November 7th. KoRn on The Man Show>>

KoRn will be on Comedy Central's The Man Show in an upcomging episode.
Check the above link for future details.

KoRn May Miss FV2000>>

KoRn and Limp Bizkit may not be headlining acts on this year's Family Values
festival, instead a tentative lineup of Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Deadsy and
Papa Roach are under consideration.
If KoRn are not billed they may pop in at various shows to play a set.

Issues Wins at CDDB>>

For the second time Jonathan Davis of KoRn received the Silicon CD for his
album ''Issues.'' Davis took time out from recording music for the sequel to
''Interview with the Vampire'' to accept. The Silicon CD is the gold record of the
Internet and is eligible to artists who achieve ''most played'' status online for
30 days.



KoRn Tells Much Music: We're Slipknot!>>

After Much Music's KoRn in Portugal special yesterday Head talked about how
they had met Slipknot with their masks off. Fieldy joked about how they envy
Slipknot because they can go to the mall without hassle. Finally Fieldy said
''Wanna know something? We're Slipknot, us and Limp Bizkit are Slipknot, all
nine of us, and I'm number 2.'' Head followed by saying ''You heard it first, we
are Slipknot.''
There is a repeat today of the KoRn interview in Portugal at 10:00 AM on

More Movie Scores for Davis>>

Jonathan Davis is writing the music for the upcoming film The Wellon.

Issues Drops from Top 100>>

Korn's Issues has dropped from the Billboard top 100, slipping from number 94
last week to 113 this week.
Seven months and four million albums later they've done pretty well for

Five New Tracks Written>>

KoRn told Much Music last night that they have already written the music for five
new songs for the next album, due out mind 2001.

David's Injury Update>>

As reported by MTV News
''I really, really wanted to do the summer tour,'' Silveria explained last
weekend at the KROQ Weenie Roast. ''I'm going to be very disappointed if I
can't, but I would rather take the time off to recover to be 100 percent rather
than do the tour and take a chance on not being able to complete the tour and
then put the other guys in a situation again where we have to get Mike [Bordin]
to come in and help us out to complete the tour. I don't want to do that. I want
to make sure I'm 100 percent, so I'll make a decision soon.''
''I'm still trying to work it out,'' he said. ''[I've] done every kind of test you can
imagine, and I have some more tests scheduled. Trying to find out why it goes
weak when I start playing -- 20, 30 minutes into a show, it just goes dead.'' In the meantime, Silveria said that Bordin will continue to fill in on the road this
summer and that he hopes to be behind the kit when KoRn hits the studio in
October to begin work on a new album.
''If I don't go [on the road], I'm going to be out there all the time writing,''
Silveria said. ''I've got to get ready for the record.''



Chino commets>>

"you tell kids its ok to be different and that its ok to have people not like you. its no wonder these kids fall for all this crap. Its so cliqued to be the fuckin outcast. i say why not be the motherfuckin leader of the school and stop feeling sorry for yourself. The kids at columbine were such jonathan fans"he also went on to say that he thinks korn will one day look back and say "what the fuck happened to our music? sure we had a good stage show but what about the music?"he also added that he thinks korn have been caught up in showbiz.

*bunch of fukkin fagets

KoRn Get the Ugly Award>>

KoRn were awarded the ''So Ugly They're Cute'' award in Twist magazines July
Totally Twisted Music Awards.



Somebody Someone>>

For those of you who missed the premiere of Somebody Someone, the video.
was a true mix of old-skool Korn mixed with the new. .
The video was a good mix of Blind and Freak on a Leash with several familiar.

The video is now in rotation on MTV and Much Music.

Daddy Live to Make it on Double Album>>

The very rare recording of Daddy, live in the UK will be included on next years
double live album, as reported by several radio stations across the country

*I myself think this is a bunch of bullshit because Daddy was performed in New York
not the UK and we all know how Jon feels about Daddy.