Last updated: March 24th 2001

Welcome to my new look kittie site. I've decided to change it's layout a bit as I felt it was primitive compared to what I can do now and also because I wanted to celebrate the fact that my site has passed the 10,000 hits mark, thanks a million it means a lot. There have been a few updates here and there as well as one or two new pictures to gaze at. There has been a catastrophe as regards my guest book though. The site I got it off has decided that it wont let me use it unless I cough up $25 so I've had to use a new guest book instead. Still I'm sure it won't be long till you fill it up again.

This site is devoted to a great contemporary metal band called KITTIE. They are a talented four piece from London in Canada. They have been around since 1996 releasing a few EP's here and there but have recently exploded onto the nu-metal scene with their debut album "Spit". Now they pride themselves with being buddies with the likes of Slipknot and Will Haven, supporting them around the globe on tour. Their music has been compared with the likes of Hole, L7, Deftones and Tarrie B. They also boast some great songs like "Charlotte", "Brackish" and "Paperdoll" in their impressive repertoire. Their live shows prove that Kittie are indeed a promising band for the future and should not be swept under the carpet. Not bad for a band boasting an average age of 17!

I created this site because I wanted something fun to do in my spare time and to prove to myself that I can create a fan site that would surpass the quality of most others. I hope that I've reached my aims. Thanks everyone who signed my guest book, you've made my life that little bit happier. I also enjoy receiving e-mails so keep them coming. Thankfully the complaints so far have been few and far between. So continue onto my site and enjoy, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. This site is best viewed in 800x600.