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Submitted Stuff

Here's what people have sent in. Thanks man.
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If You're Gay
by Tamara
I think that you're such a prom queen.
I think you like men in drag.
I don't know why you're pretending - when it's obvious that you're a damn fag.

I think you're all ready to try.
Looks like you're reaching for the K-Y.
I think you're craving a backside that you can spread far and open up wide.

And I think you're so queer.
I think you like guys.
I think you were last to realize.
And it might be scary to admit you're a fairy.
But just get down on your knees and do what you really please.

If you're gay, baby you need to come out.
There's an awful lot of men out there who want to make you moan and shout.
If you're gay, then baby you need to not hide it.
There's a little sphincter somewhere out there waiting for you to come inside it.

I bet you're dying to bend over.
I bet you're hard as a rock.
I bet you can't go much longer without sucking some guys big cock.

And I think you're a queer.
I think you like guys.
I think you were last to realize.
And I think you're a fairy - cuz you act like such a Mary.
And I can't be wrong, the way you stare at my ass all day long.

If you're gay, baby you need to come out.
There's an awful lot of sphincters just waiting to be torn about.
If you're gay, then baby you need not deny it.
I'm sure if you ask Kyle he'll be more than happy to try it...

I think you're so queer, I think you like guys, I think it's high time you realize.
And I think you're a fairy, cuz you remind me of my aunt Mary.
I can't be wrong, the way I catch you staring my ass down all day long

Hey what's up,
I was checking out your website on Rob Thomas. I'm not sure if you like him or not, but I think he totally sucks. I am from NY and Matchbox twenty played last nite at the RPI Field House. So they called up a bar my friend works's a little like hole in the wall place. OK so they were like the guys want a quiet place to hang at after they finish the show. So the owner of the bar is like sure we'd love to have them. OK they totally bailed on going, called at the last minute and were like were not coming. Then they order 38 dinners from the bar, so they give them their food. They go over to the buses to drop off the food, the owner his 14 year old nephew, the bouncer and the two bar tenders... the guys wouldn't even come out to sign an autograph or give them a picture or anything. They said they didn't want to be bothered! OK so this is the best they ordered $200.75 dollars worth of food and give the guys $201.00...a $.25 cent tip! Hi can we say Eminem. That is sooooo messed up! Not to mention their drum player is allergic to cheese so they had to go out and get special stuff for his order!
Lol, well i thought I'd share this with ya...sorry to bother you! :)
bye bye
Webmistress note:I'm not saying that what happened is true... I'm not saying that it's not. Somebody sent this in to me and so it's on here... Please don't send hatemails my way because of this...

Another strange thought you might want to add... why do we never see a boxer or yfront (god forbid ick!) line on Monsieur Thomas' pants ? Does it mean he goes.... ooh...!
My note:I just thought that was funny... Go Vic go.