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Words of Wisdom From

Rob: Hey, what's up brotha' man?
The fact that you're a nearly 30 year old white male and no matter how much you want to, you're never gonna be black, ya wannabe poser.

"Lots of times, I've fallen down on stage .. When I was in New York, and it was supposed to be a big show .. I went to jump up on the drum riser and I just totally flipped, busted and fell face down onto the drum riser and then in Memphis I fell off the stage once .. and we've all fallen down"
Matchbox Twenties falling down, falling down, Matchbox Twenties are falling down, My dear Robbie

"I'd just be a loser.. I would be like, one of those guys, ya know, with the long dark hair and listening to too much metal, ya know and talking about how the world was a black seeping pit"
At least he can admit it.

"there's just a big picture of my head "Loser Of The Week" and I was like "wow"
He just seems so... proud

"That's my actual new name, by the way.... Major songwriter dude.. writer guy"
And your Indian name would be what? One Who Is Geeky?

"Or you can masturbate with it (a Grammy) because that's sexual in nature"
Oookay I"m not sure I wanna know about his sick fantasies anymore.

"We actually wanted them to beat me with a Grammy but at the last minute they wouldn't let that happen, we wanted one of them to have a Grammy and beat me over the head with it"
I dunno but he just sounded WAY too happy when he was saying that. Perhaps it has something to do with the previous quote.

"Can you blame him, man? I can't blame him, because I'm hot!"
Yeah just rub it in my face. Like I don't want you enough as it is...

We were shootin' for third. We were gonna put out big ads, "WE'RE NUMBER 3"
Such high ambitions Rob...

"We're gonna do it once a week now, we're changing our name to matchbox with the Roman Numerals "XX" Rob: Yeah, and little by little we're gonna try and morph into Eddie, that's our plan ..each record we're gonna change until it becomes 'Eddie' .."
I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. Haven't we suffered enough?

"Easy, easy... it ain't that kind of show!"
Aww man, why didn't you tell me that before I paid $200?

I would just like to say that those little red laser things scare the HELL outta me. I mean, I'm up here trying to sing, and it's like, AAH!...Damn they scare the hell outta me."
Now I know what do use to kidnap him... well that and golf balls.

"This ain't no fucking Metallica concert. If we see anyone over the age of 70 crowd surfing, we're going home."
This just in on News at 10. Rock star Rob Thomas gets beat to a pulp by ruthless Metallica fans.

"I would like to thank my mom for giving birth to me, so I can wear tight pants."
I can only pray for his reproductive system.

"try NEVER to get caught with a dead hooker in our hotel room."
Nice advice man, but what the hell were you doing with a dead hooker?

"It was written about a girl I was living with. She treated me like shit, but I didn't care because I was so gaga."
If he doesn't care about being treated like shit when he's gaga, think of what he'd be like if he was caca.

"We had a little thing going, me and the camel."
Does Kyle know?

"Don't grab someone's ass when they're not looking."
Right, only grab it when they are. Remind me that when I meet you.

"I'm like borderline bitch."
Great cause I'm like borderline bastard. We'd make a perfect couple. The problem is...are you gonna wear the dress at the wedding or am I?

"Kyle, were you sucking her toes?!"
Rob showing his jealous side.

"I've come to the conclusion that there are two types of people in life: Those who have been to Graceland - and those who have not. I am thankful to say that I am one of those people who has!"
I wonder how drunk he was when he said that.

"This next song is about...well, it's about fucking up. It's not about you, no, it's not about me. I am a stable motherfucker!"
His parents must be so proud.

"What the fuck is that? Lady, don't throw your fucking gum on stage!!! That's nasty shit!!!"
I was really looking foward to seeing some nasty shit onstage Rob, but then I guess gum wasn't the kind that I was thinking about.

"What the fuck is this??? "I cant sing with this fucking thing in my face"
And I thought you're not angry anymore...

"My toad is on fire , I mean its fucking burning" (about his black leather pants)
Hahahaha! That was just too fucking funny.

"Are any of you all from D.C" (parts of the crowd cheer) "Ew! Get the hell out of here you people scare me!"
Why can't you take it like a real man?

"I want to thank everyone for taking time out from their drinking to spend it here with us. I know you guys can't drink in here and that sucks."
AA meetings, great way to get to know Rob.

"My name is Rob, and this is my Elvis guitar."
Is he talking about his penis?

"isnt that why we're here? to shake our asses? our collective asses?"
I'd like to see Rob shake his bon bon...

"Come on people, you paid $25 for a ticket to watch this show. So stop throwing loose change on the stage. We don't need the money."
I just found that funny...

"I want to play for the world. I want to stand in front of them ~NAKED~ with my guitar and play them a little show tune."
And damnit we want you to do it!

"I'd like to thank my mother for giving birth to me so I can wear tight pants."
Hail to Rob's mother!

Rob scares  me Take Me HOME NOW!

Some of the quotes were taken from Love When You Love, Go visit them at, some I found through various articles and things, and some I'm not sure where I got them from so if you think some of the quotes are taken from your site, email me and I'll give you credit.