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Rob's Penis

An in depth study (and no you don't get to see a picture of it)

Rob's reaction when he realized his evil plan was public knowledge

Why should we "fear" Rob's penis you ask. Think about it. What can he do with it? Get your mind outta that gutter now! I meant he can procreate and have little Robs. Whats wrong with little Robs you ask? Nothing if you want to be slaves to an alien race.

It's time that everyone opened their eyes and see Rob Thomas for who he really is. A ruthless alien leader out to take over the world with his penis and Elvis guitar. First, he makes a band. Then the band takes over half the population with subliminal messages from the Elvis guitar. Later, he goes and procreates with his penis making hundreds of Rob clones.

Soon the other half of the population falls in love with the Rob clones and Rob rallies his clone troops and starts recking havoc on our planet.

The only way to stop him is with golf clubs. How many of you actually believe his story of the guy that felt him up? If you do then boy have you been mistaken. Golf on Rob's home planet, Yeefonakey, is like Kryptonite to Superman. When you start seeing little boys that eerily resemble Rob Thomas, don't forget your golf equipment.

Golf Balls can save your life, Don't leave home without them!

Dude, how did you escape outta the nut house? Take Me Home

*Disclaimer: Obviously, none of this is true. It's just my over imaginative brain while watching too much X-files at work., but if it turns out to be true then I can always say "I told ya so"*