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Top Lists

Top Ten Email Address for Rob


  2. Huh?@ImHighRightNow









Top Ten Signs of Obsession
  1. You have a frigggin website dedicated to Rob Thomas

  2. You've ever camped out at various ticketmaster locations with scary looking scapler guys to get tickets to their show

  3. You just HAD to get the limited edition version of Mad Season even though you already had the regular kind.

  4. You already have a plan on how to kidnap Rob...not that I do 0=)

  5. Your family members are frightened because you sing Bent in your sleep.

  6. You're jealous of Carlos Santana because he keeps getting to kiss Rob

  7. You ever asked boyfriend why he isn't more like Rob Thomas

  8. What?  Other Guys? Who needs other guys when you have Rob.

  9. You have a grudge against the other Matchsticks because they were mean to Rob in the Bent video

  10. You wonder why they even bother to play anything other than Matchbox 20 on the radio

Top Five Reasons Why Rob Should Think Twice the Next Time He Puts On His Tight Ass Pants

  1. He might wanna have kids someday

  2. He might be mistaken for Ricky Martin

  3. Two words: Male stripper

  4. Shortage of hospitals because of women fainting

  5. More ammunition for humor sites

Well that sucked, Take Me Home