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Too Close

Because sometimes you just have to wonder

Rob and Kyle

"Kyle. Kyle, I would reach my hand down in your pocket anytime, Kyle. Cuz I think you're a sexy man. With a big guitar."  - Rob

All I can say is, WTF?

Rob and Paul

See the smile just beginning to spread across Rob's face? Can't you just see the happiness on Paul's face as he snuggles against his man?

That is just scary.

Rob is telling the rest of the world that Paul is his and his only.

Rob still holding on to Paul but by the expression on Paul's face, I'd say there's trouble in paradise.

Rob and Pookie

He's already had Kyle and Paul, so now he's moving on to Pookie.

But Pookie needs to know if Rob has the right sized boobs before he can commit.

Rob and Mr. Carlos Santana

Thanks to Alix for the picture

I don't know about you but I don't kiss my friends or even legends on the lips.

Thanks to Amanda for the picture

Okay so now they've moved on to frenching. Nice style Rob.

email me if you have any incriminating pictures of Rob

Enough of Your Conspiracies! Take Me Home